False Selfless Service

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False Selfless Service

We claim to be Your servants my Lord That Your eternal service is all we want
No interest in work to sustain ourselves
We seek not our benefit or happiness

We were in this delusion forever so long
Until with Your grace the truth came forth
Selfless service is a distant destination
We’re not even skilled in worldly action

We act for the fruit of self-happiness
Motivated by its desire all our actions
Our enthusiasm and energy are desire-driven
When the fruit is delayed they all weaken

Without fruits, we are as lifeless as stones
Our steps become heavy and heart grows cold
When actions yield fruits our color returns
As if by the heat of the warm spring sun

For our worldly actions when fruits do come
We work with interest but our ego grows
When fruits are delayed or difficulties come
We fall into inaction; all fervor goes

Great interest we have to work for Thee
But due to attachment fickle is our zeal
With it we cannot work as You decree
But work instead our own heart to please

We say we love You but it’s mere hypocrisy
Love is giving but we demand internally
For the fruits of actions done and undone
We expect benefits for being Your servants

Intimidated by the world we seek solitude
Detachment is our excuse for ineptitude
We expect the Lord to provide for us
Without even fair effort on our part

O Datta, incredible are the tests You give
To reveal the true place of each devotee
We’ve licked the dirt and know where we stand
By the kind wounds of the Chakra in Your hand

Which master praises inept servants?
Which father feeds unworthy sons?
Yet You feed’n praise us undeserving ones
Unfathomable kindness, O Lord of Heavens!

It’s foolish to pray for selfless love
Love is natural, not granted externally
Praying to You for it is cunning too
Expecting fruit of loving God selflessly

To teach us our lessons we pray to You
So that pride and jealousy do not enter
Doing Your will may we ever serve You
Give You greatest bliss even if we suffer

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony

Universal Spirituality for World Peace