False Gurus and Myths

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Gurus – there are so many textbooks and myths about this Guru business and self-realization ... most of it blinds us to the obvious.
Goodness and Holiness and especially celibacy have Absolutely NOTHING to do with making Gurus authentic: Nothing. On the contrary.
TO the non-duality – Self -- there is absolutely no reason a psychopath or mass murderer or pet or animal, or brother or relative or friend or even a mountain – like Ramana's Arunachala -- cannot perform the magic of a Guru – magic that often is far more significant in someone's life than the spiritual dead-end and hopelessness of a Guru's message of “nothing-matters,”: the spiritual-suicide of the "Nothing Ever Happened" so that “everything is bullshit,” alias “Self-realization.”

If we think of a Guru as being an Angel who performs magic in the life of someone ... then sooner or later the idea of looking for a textbook Guru can become even funny.

Indeed the likelihood is that – like some if not many Masts in India -- more street-people are self-realized on the streets of San Francisco than all the teachers and professors in all the universities of the world put together: this is obvious because these street-people not only understand “nothing matters” but they live it – on the streets.

For every rare guru that textbooks make “real” there are thousands and thousands of gurus who are Gurus, alias Angels, even though they have no idea of what a guru is/means, and the students/pupils they miraculously touch also have no idea of what a guru is .. and some of these hidden Gurus/Angels influence the lives of the people they miraculously touch ... often far-far more significantly than any of those rare gurus that textbooks claim to be real.

Look for Gurus, Angels, in your life, and the lives of others ... and they will start appearing everywhere... They usually perform magic effortlessly with the things they do and touch, like in their job, housework, sports, profession, arts, gardening... hobbies.
Look for these non-textbook angels/gurus long enough and you might just one day wake up to realize that we are all angels who need no Guru to turn us into spirits, angels: because Spirits we all are.

-- O'no

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madan_gautam | Sun, 03/15/2009 - 05:07
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Ohhh, I enjoyed that sanity break very much.
Welp, back to the craziness............

Phroggy | Sun, 03/15/2009 - 06:13
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"The" craziness is 'within you'... or not ;-).


Omkaradatta | Sun, 03/15/2009 - 16:53