Falling into Spiritual Awakening

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"Even when you taste
the bliss that you are,
the mind still runs back
to its old assumptions
of what it is.

You experience yourself as consciousness,
then what happens?
You snap back like an elastic band
to assuming you are your thinking again.

That sense of being a person,
being the doer, the controller
who has it all together,
who knows everything
is a hard nut to break.

In truth, you can't break it.
Because who would be breaking it?
The ego may step forward to supposedly
break the ego, but it's a trick.

So life does it for you.
Once you really start feeling the bliss,
the bliss itself starts to break apart
the illusion of who you think you are.

One thing you can always count on
is that everything is changing.
Everything comes and goes.

Your identity of who you think you are
is about stability,
about things staying the same.

If you keep holding on to
that which will eventually change,
you will come to a point
where you have nothing to hold on to.

Then you fall.

Everyone thinks they can bypass this step.
That you never have to fall.
That you just keep rising and attaining
like a spiritual Donald Trump.

But that is not how it goes!
The falling is the best part.

The best part is not that you fall,
hit the ground and start walking again.

The best part is that you fall
and keep falling
and realize you are the falling itself.

That there is no center
to fall back on.
That there is nothing there.

And when there is nothing there,
there is pure consciousness
and the radiance of life
shines forth like a thousand suns.

Not some little feeling of being,
but because you are nothing,
the infinite shines through as life itself.

Much love,


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