Faith Hope & Love

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We discussed Soul (Atman), Fate and Chance yet it would not be complete unless we make it a little more anthropomorphic and bring it closer to what is felt by us.
Since things happen to us as if by Chance (Randomness) for we have no means to know all the underlying forces, it cannot be said that they follow no Law. The law of three forces as already stated earlier, underlies all phenomena. It is true for all external events and therefore by corollary must be true for all psychological experiences.
So what are the three forces that constitute our essence the core of our Being? Our core is made up of the three Forces which we could term as Faith, Hope and Love.
It would be apt to say that Man is his Faith. This is not to be confused with various beliefs that we acquire or hold on to in order to run away from life and avoid hurts. Essence of Man is covered up very early in childhood due to defense mechanisms or ploys we employ to shield ourselves from uncertainties of Life and its Sorrow. Yet it is not all lost, at least not in majority. It’s buried deep within and unless we make ourselves vulnerable it has no chance to shine forth. We can begin to discover our Faith by following the voice of our Conscience faint though it may be.
Therefore it is necessary to be open to our fears feel the Shame or remorse and be vulnerable by giving up our defense mechanisms which is easier said than done. If we are ready to face this purgation of that which envelops the spark divine of Faith, Hope and Love we have a chance to save our Soul.