Facing the Fear of Nothingness in Meditation

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"People often hold on to suffering,
mulling over their problems
because of fear.

If you are in meditation
and you are holding on
to the trying to figure out how
to fix your problems,
then you have separated yourself
from meditation.

But in meditation,
if you let go of that control,
if you let go of the thoughts
about the problems as they arise,
you will come face to face with fear.

Fear of what?

Fear of annihilation.
Fear of falling into nothing.

Because from the perspective
of the ego,
it is far better to suffer as a someone
then to become nothing.

So we create these ideas
of who we are
and then we try to control our world
to try and protect who we are.

But both meditation and life
are constantly putting cracks
in who we think we are.

Even as a body
we watch the thing get old
and fall apart.

And if we look closely
all those ideas of who we think we are
and how life should be
are also constantly being shattered.

We keep trying to hold it all in place
and it keeps falling apart.

And so ultimately either in love
or in exhaustion from suffering,
we surrender.

We allow ourselves to move
right through that fear into nothing.

We give up the fight,
we give up trying to make things
to be a certain way
and surrender into the nothing.

We dissolve into that nothing.

And in that nothing
we not only realize peace
but we realize the totality.

As nothing
we experience fullness.

And then that bliss of nothing
begins to be far more attractive
then all the effort & stress we put into
trying to create ourselves to be
a certain way.

And it is not that
we exist as nothing,
rather, we simply are.

The purity of is-ness.

There is no concrete separate 'me'
that is the is-ness,
rather the nothing alone is
as everything,
as you.

Much love,


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In reality one cannot let go of his/her control

In reality one cannot let go of his/her control. It seems sometimes that he/she can but it is only a tricky mirage. The controller just allows within its control to have a certain feeling as if there is no control. It is like an inmate allowed to walk in the yard of the prison, there are open skies there, there is fresh air, it looks like freedom but he/she is still within the control of the prison and soon will be taken back to his/her cell.

People are different in their nature and so to those with low self control it seems that for the others who have a high level of control it would just be a matter of will to let go control and surrender. This is one of the most common fallacies, projecting our reality on others.

This issue of the inability of truly letting go control by will is demonstrated to the extreme in the case of the feeling of emptiness. Anyone who is deep into this existential feeling knows that it is impossible to escape it by will. And those who are not in that bottom cannot understand it.

The way out of this obstacle (and it is an obstacle) is not by rationalization or decision but by using external help. It can be accomplished by praying for that help or simply by using external help such as Ayahuasca.

sisi | Tue, 05/14/2013 - 08:01