Exposing the blunders of Advaita philosophers Part-2

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Exposing the blunders of Advaita philosophers Part-2

The Advaita philosopher is trying to become the standstill awareness without any attribute (Nirguna chit). The attributes of the awareness form the state of mind (Manomaya Kosa). When the attributes (Gunas) or feelings are absent, there is no existence of the faculty of mind. This is referred as the dissolution of mind (Manolaya Yoga). Such a person remains as the body of food and respiration only without mind. Such a state is the state of plants and trees. Plants and trees are made of food and carry on the respiration. The mind is very negligible and can be considered as absent. The Advaita philosopher has kept this state as his final goal, which is the state of a tree. It is said that one becomes whatever he desires (Yat bhavam tat bhavati). If this philosopher dies in this state only as the final goal, he achieves the same state by taking birth as a tree. The state of Avadhuta is a severe state of Advaita philosopher, where the person is almost in the state of deep sleep.

In deep sleep the awareness attains the eternal basic form, which is the inert energy. Such a person ending in this state shall be born as an inert stone which is the inert energy present in the form of matter. It is not a curse but it is the desired state and is the fixed final goal of the aspirant only. The aspirant aspired for such state and lived in such a state for a long time and wishes to remain in that state continuously. Therefore one need not be angry with Me in this point.

Both the above states (Sanyasa and Avadhuta) are the fruits of achievement of self-realization in practice which is appreciated as self-attainment (Atma Yoga). The self attainment should not be the end of your spiritual effort and is not the final goal. If the self attainment is the final goal of this precious human life, the future birth as a tree or a stone is inevitable because of the strong desire about it. But if this self-attainment happens to be the middle stage of your journey, such attainment is appreciable. By such self-attainment you are undisturbed like a stone. You are firm in your determination like a rock. All this state is only a training given to you to make you fit for the service of God. If you end with this training, there is no difference between yourself and a stone. To become a stone is not the final goal. To stand firm like a stone in doing service to God is the final goal. Therefore after attaining the self, we have to search for the super self, which is available in the human form in your present generation. Then you have to serve Him in His mission like a rock. For such dedication, you have to withdraw yourself from all the worldly bonds and become like the firm mountain. If you withdraw from all the worldly bonds and remain idle without doing the service to God, then you are just a stone with awareness.

What is the use of such withdrawal (Pratyahara)? You are given training to become a soldier. If you do not become a soldier and fight in the war, what is the use of your training? You should not end with the training. The training must have its application. The self-attainment is training. Its application is in the service to God.

The all pervading homogenous single phase of finest form of inert energy is space. The space has no awareness as per the scientific analysis and as per the practical experience. Then how can we say that awareness is all-pervading? How can we say that this entire world is awareness? The awareness is an available item in the creation. Veda says that no item of creation is God (Neti Neti). The awareness is a special form of energy propagating in the nerves. It is in the form of waves, which requires space. It is a definable item of space having the three geometrical co-ordinates. The awareness exists in the awakening-state and disappears in the state of deep sleep. Thus it is bound by time. God is beyond the four dimensional space-time model, which is the inherent essence of the creation. Of course, it is very difficult to understand or imagine awareness (Sukshmaya sukshmadarsibhih -Veda).

But it is not completely unimaginable. It may be unimaginable for an ordinary man. But for scholars and scientists it is perceivable and imaginable. Gita says that scholars or scientists can see it (Pasyanti Jnanachakshushah). But regarding God, Veda and Gita say that God is completely unimaginable (Yasyaamatam –Veda, Mamtuveda na -Gita). For any statement the direct sense (Abhidha) must be preferred. The indirect sense (Vrutti) should be taken only in the case of impossible situation. For example, if you say that a village exists in Ganges, you have to take the indirect sense because it is impossible. Therefore, it means that the village is very near and is just on the banks of Ganges. Such approach is called as ‘Lakshana’. The village and Ganges are visual items. The impossibility rises here in visual items. But in the case of God, God is not a visual item and thus there is no basis for you to think about any impossibility in an invisible and unimaginable item.

If your decision is that everything is understandable to your mind, then such indirect sense can be taken. Then you can say that the unimaginable God means the God who is imagined with lot of difficulty. In that case you are contradicting Veda and Gita due to egoism. Even Lord Yama says that he could not understand God (Kathametat Vijaniyam –Veda); the Advaita scholar who shivers even seeing the messengers of Lord Yama is boasting that he can understand God. Even though the best scholar and the best devotee who is going to become Brahma (Hanuman) is not stating that he is God, our Advaita philosopher who is ‘greater than Hanuman’ is stating that he is God! If every soul is God, Hanuman being God should not have waited to meet Rama, the human incarnation, on the instruction of his mother. If every soul is God, Hanuman can find any person as God and need not wait to meet a specific human being, who is Rama, the human incarnation.

[Continuied in Part-3]

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Since everything is the expression of God, how can anything not 'serve' God? The Self realized does not become a stone, but he also does not see the imperfection seen from within the delusion of separation, and so he has no war to fight.

Phroggy | Fri, 12/26/2008 - 03:57