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THE COSMIC ENERGY, otherwise known as DIVINE POWER descends up to the level of Sahasrahara. IT WOULD NOT ENTER INTO SAHASRARA ON ITS OWN ACCORD. Our seniors were under the impression that Sahasrara was the last centre. In reality, there are some more energy centres up above the head centre. ALL ARE ETHER BUILT. From those centres we receive divine power. A Yogi attains perfection by the time he reaches Sahasrara. That means, his Kundalini energy reaches the Head Centre. We become qualified to receive that Higher Intelligence. We become fit to travel to other worlds. When the Kundalini energy reaches Sahasrara, WE PRACTICALLY BECOME NIL. We reach a state of nothingness. We enter into big Vacuum. NIL, NONE, NAUGHT STAGES WE CROSS. There upon we don’t have any physical consciousness. The physical body and any knowledge about the physical become a burden for further journey. There we taste the Real Knowing. DIRECT COGNIZANCE.

In the beginning of Yoga, the physical body is very much needed for the Kundalini energy to consolidate and rise. In the final stage, the physical body and physical consciousness prove really unnecessary and hurdles for progress. So, as we go up, we must be prepared to discard the physical body in total.

To-day the Scenario has changes a lot. The purpose of Yoga underwent a big change. The common man is not bothered about Moksha or Salvation. He is very much concerned with his day to day problems not of Moksha after death. The common man is not worried of death even. He knows that Death is evitable. Some day or other day death devours every living being. THE PLANETARY FORCES WORK OUT IN THAT DIRECTION. TO DAY THE PRIME CONCERN OF ANY MASTER IS TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE PLANETS, SO THAT THE PLANETARY FORCES WOULD BE MORE USEFUL TO HUMANITY AND EVOLUTION. We are on the Final Leg of Evolution. MASTER CVV WORKED IN THAT DIRECTION. He practiced a number of Planetary Regulations to rectify the defects in cosmos and change the planetary forces in favor of man. In the course of time man becomes perfect and there after become Physically Immortal. Man can attain the status of God and attain perfection.

Now the new Yoga (MASTER CVV’s YOGA) is not limited to Earth.
THE EARTH PLANET IS DEFECTIVE – MAN FORM IS DEFECTIVE. SO, we are not able to derive full benefits of the planetary forces. The needed rectification work has to be done in all the three spheres namely as human body, Mind and Soul. MASTER CVV had gained control over the planets. He had completed that rectification work when he was in the Physical Level. THE RECTIFICATION WORK OF MAN IS GOING ON.

THE BASIS FOR ANY OF THESE CHANGES IS KUNDALINI. Through Yoga, we can start the rectification work. WE HAVE TO SHOOT OUR ENERGY WAVES INTO COSMOS. So long we are confined to Earth, we cannot fulfill any cosmic work. A YOGI MUST CUT OFF HIS TIES WITH PHYSICAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND ENTER INTO HIGHER ASTRAL LEVEL CONSCIOUSNESS AND BRING THAT COSMIC ENERGY ON TO EARTH. That astral link is essential to each Yogi. IT IS LIKE TAKING PRANA FROM THE ORIGIN. If we can receive that Higher Prana continuously we can easily perform the needed rectification work. At the behest of Brahmam and with Brahmic consciousness we have to undertake that work. As I mentioned before, after crossing the Sahasrara we have to enter into higher consciousness. That is the major work to be undertaken by all Yogis today.

Our life is linked with Kundalini – which we don’t know.
We derive all our energies from Kundalini – that we are not aware of it.
Even if we take a number of births, we do not try to value Kundalini.
TO KNOW THE PART PLAYED BY KUNDALINI IN HUMAN DRAMA IS REALISATION. Without Yoga practice it is not possible to go near Kundalini. Awakening of Kundalini from Mooladhara is not so easy. Once awakened it goes straight into Sahasrara, the top end of the human structure. There it blossoms with a thousand petals. Like a lotus it opens slowly, steadily, smoothly, silently. It does not produce any sound. HIGHER WORK IS ALWAYS DONE IN SILENCE.

So long as Kundalini is asleep in Mooladhara all our desires, aspirations and working circle round the basic centre. We don’t gain even minimum spiritual knowledge. We limit ourselves to money and matter, pleasure and popularity. JUST DOING SOME YOGA AND ACQUIRING GREAT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOGA IS NOT GOOD. TO SPEND A FEW MINUTES IN SILENCE CANNOT BE CALLED YOGA. We must be able to reach the state of Ecstasy every day in every sitting. We must have spiritual experiences often. In Sahasrara centre higher knowledge prevails. Unless we cross the physical dimensions, we cannot reach the precincts of the SELF.

To be cont…