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- Master Sarvari Namaskaram - Master CVV Namaskaram - Master MTA Namaskaram-

There are different concepts and some misconceptions regarding Kundalini and its working. KUNDALINI IS THE GREATEST MYSTERY IN HUMAN HISTORY.
Each individual tries to awaken Kundalini in his own style, experience a little and try to establish a theory accordingly. To each one, his own experience will be unique and wonderful, yet mysterious. NO TWO INDIVIDUALS WILL HAVE SAME EXPERIENCE. So, a general theory is not workable. A SINGULAR CONCLUSION MAY NOT GOOD TO ALL.

CAN EVERY HUMAN BEING AWAKEN HIS KUNDALINI AND USE ITS POWERS FULLY? That is another critical question arises in the minds of great thinkers always. We cannot answer the question so easily. It is better to analyze the issue instead of trying to answer directly.

The lord of Kundalini is Brahmam, provided you accept the supreme power of Brahmam (not the brahma in Trinity). If you don’t have belief in Brahmam and Kundalini power, leave the matter here itself.

How to invoke Brahmam? How best we can link Kundalini and Brahmam are the matters of Meditation. MEDITATION IS LINKED WITH YOGA AND YOGA IS LINKED WITH GURU. An individual who wants to awaken his Kundalini, goes first in search of a Guru who had Kundalini experience and who can easily experiment in Yoga. An individual in pursuit of Kundalini inevitably should meet a Guru. IT IS NOT THAT MUCH OF EASY, AS WE READ IN BOOKS AND STUDY DIAGRAMS. It needs a lot of preparation, a lot of practice and total surrender to the principle – I mean Guru, who is capable of awakening the inner urge.

In the beginning, meditation seems burdensome and troublesome and may look even waste of time and energy. ALL THE OLD LEAVES MUST DRY AND FALL DOWN FOR THE NEW LEAVES TO SPROUT. IN CASE OF MEDITATION ALSO, WHEN OUR HEARTS BECOME TOTALLY DRY, NEW ENERGIES SPROUT UP. Interest in meditation takes roots. There may be ample enthusiasm. It is not enough. Enough of practice is required. PRACTICE DEMANDS STUBBORN OUTLOOK. Not caring for others and comments. We feel desolate, lonely, get tired and bored. We may not even concentrate a few minutes. We may even be disturbed with unnecessary thoughts. In reality, they are not obstacles. They are necessary in the beginning. They are natural obsessions. As days pass on, we can easily settle in meditation, by that time our mind bypass many hurdles naturally. The surrounding atmosphere suits our needs. And we too will adjust to the surroundings.

In the beginning days, each practitioner or Sadhaka will be in a hurry to have immediate results and spiritual experiences. Really the hurry indicates not results, but a way to keep faith in him. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO HAVE IMMEDIATE RESULTS OR EXPERIENCES. We must forget that we just entered in the field of meditation. Unless we forget our state of affairs, we cannot achieve any piece of mind. We cannot even cross the physical conscious plane, which is very essential for the spirit of Yoga.

GREATER EXPECTATIONS DO NOT ALLOW A DISCIPLE TO SETTLE IN MEDITATION. Likewise, unnecessary knowledge or informal knowledge about Kundalini, mystic powers and chakras curtail progress. IN THE BEGINNING A NEW SADHAKA SHOULD NOT EXPECT ANY RESULTS. HE SHOULS AVOID ALL THINKING. Any thought good or bad cause disturbance. After wards he need not bother about the thoughts, for the thoughts do not trouble him at all. Sit quite and Calm. Don’t dream of Samadhi State. That comes automatically. You will slip into Samadhi without your knowledge. THEN ONLY YOU CAN DIP DEEP INTO MEDITATION.

ALL SAID and done, Mooladhara is the hide out for Kundalini energy. KUNDALINI IS THE KEY-NOTE TO YOGA. We can open the box of Kundalini with the key called YOGA. From it come up all powers and energies. INSTEAD OF UTILIZING THOSE POWERS FOR SELF-REALIZATION AND SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT MANY SADHU SANNYASIS PREFER TO LIVE IN TRANCE. They shut themselves in caves. They shun living in public. They strongly believe that they alone are qualified for Moksha. They like to travel to Moksha through Samadhi being unconscious. Thee only consolation for them is they are nearer to God – but in reality they move away from the SELF.

One must have clear understanding about the relation of
- yoga & Samadhi
- Meditation and divinity.
How to awaken the Kundalini Power?
For what purpose?
Why should anyone try to wake up Kundalini at all?
Why should we meditate so many years with rigorous discipline?
Yogis try to awaken Kundalini by applying force and drive it to Sahasrara. Then they become unconscious. That they call Bliss in Ecstasy. That is the state of Brahmam.

On attaining the state of BLISS, do we become perfect Yogis?
Can we become Self realized?
What is after Samadhi?
Attainment What?
Achievement what?
Is it purity or Perfection?
Is it Divinity or Self realization?
What does a Sadhaka wish to gain ultimately?

These are very trivial questions. It is strongly believed THAT NOBODY SHOULD START THE GAME WITHOUT PROPER ANALYSIS.
There are two ways for the Kundalini to wake up.
1. By waking it with Yoga energy and
2. By receiving higher consciousness and passing it to touch Mooladhara.

All traditionalists follow the first method.
The modern minds follow the second method.
The traditionalists worship Kundalini as MAHA SAKTHI.
The modern Yogis treat Kundalini as an epitome oh higher consciousness – MAHA CHAITANYA.
The older method is much arduous, the later one seems much sophisticated. A STUDENT OF YOGA HAS TO SELECT A SYSTEM ACCORDING TO HIS LIKING.

to be cont.....