Exploration of Reality

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Ending of duality is our entry into 'Real Living' and exploration can only be made into something that is ‘Real ‘and not that which is False. This was the import of previous post. False is a movement of psychological time and space that has detached itself from the demand of 'Real'. Real though is something that needs to be explored and presently we intend to go into it.

Al-Ghazzali: “Knowledge of self is the key to knowledge of God, according to the saying: ‘He who knows himself knows God.'” I think this is a good starting point and we can begin to explore the 'Real' in us. This exploration if done properly could take us to the beginning of Creation and Time. Now, of course my understanding of Creation and Time is a little different. We have already seen that psychological time and space were False. What then is 'Real Space and Time'?

The only way to know this is to Observe the 'Real' in us and see how an unmanifest potentiality springs forth into manifestation as a seed possibility which unfolds in "Real Time and Space'. To see this is know that there is no beginning to Creation and the process of Creation, Manifestation and Dissolution is a continuous process.