The experince of duality is reality ,only on the false base

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Person and his experience of the world, his belief of god can be true only, when one proves the physical body is real self. When the physical body is not the experience of the physical body itself, then the question arises; "What is it that functions itself as physical body, and perceives the world as a person?".

If physical body is the true self, then there is no need to inquire 'Who am 'I'? or to realize I am that. Therefore religionists and Atheists both are based on the base of 'I' which is false self, and argue about god and no god, instead they must verify the validity of their own identity.

Inquiry and reasoning reveals the fact that experience of duality is reality only on the false base.Therefore whatever one has seen,known,believed and experience as real only on the base of false identity. On the base of true identity, which non dual spirit the experience of duality is mere mirage.

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wake up

You are confused and contradict yourself all the time simply because you are basing your arguments on religion-like theories, nothing you can say you have witnessed by yourself.

This is exactly the foundations of religions.

You are doing exactly what you are negating: religions and analytical reasoning. It is just that you don't name them so.

The non-duality you are talking about so much is not really non-duality, it is just another concept you invented and never experienced. The ways you suggest to reach non-duality by resisting duality are erroneous.

Wake up! You are just wasting your valuable dual time and dual disk space on endless posts that say the same and are based on hearsay.

Luz76 | Sat, 07/19/2008 - 22:54