The Experience of Heart Awakening

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"When your heart awakens
no teaching makes sense.

The idea of teachings
and practice
does not make sense.

Something happened,
you are in love
and just loving
completes you.

There cannot be
a greater joy
than that loving,
than devotion.

just by singing
the name of a god or guru
is the greatest delight.

Just by hearing the name
is enough.

Or if it is formless
just by feeling that formless,
just by immersing yourself
lovingly in that silence
or sound
completes you.

You are like a child
who has found its mother
and that love makes
everything good.

In divine love,
there is nothing
that could not be right.

To a serious
spiritual practitioner
who has tried to turn
spirituality into a science,
into a trade agreement
the idea of devotion
the idea of divine love
is repulsive.

If you think
'if I do this and this
I will get this'
then there will always
be disappointment

because by turning
it into a trade agreement,
you have separated yourself
from love.

that you should not practice.
You should practice,
there should be intense
spiritual discipline.

But that in itself only takes you
to a certain point.
It takes you to the place
where your beloved
might or might not
show up.

If you realize that
and you still go
to that place
to wait,
then that is beautiful.

To know that
they might show up
and they might not
but still you go there
to wait,
that is beautiful.

In that how can
grace not come to you.

Because it is not a right.

Meditation is right.
Realizing a certain state
of peace and oneness
is your right.

But the flowering of the heart
is a gift
that is given.

You can't get it yourself.
It is a gift that is given.

And who gives you that gift?

To realize the one
that gives you that gift
is the flowering of the heart.

And then you see that one
who gave you the gift
in everyone and everything.

And there is nothing
to do but love.

That is the awakening
of the heart.

It is a beauty
that can never be known
or understood with the mind.

Diving love
is completely irrational.



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Thank you!
Really beautiful!

Love has no Language!
Love is always Divine!

bonya basu | Wed, 02/22/2012 - 18:27
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Thank you

Thank you Bonya. Much love to you

blissmusic | Wed, 02/29/2012 - 00:54