Experience and Observer

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Our views about ourselves, the world and God are related or entwined in more ways than we would imagine. In fact they could be an outcome of a singular view. Let me take an example to illustrate the point. Once we begin to see the world with its diverse objects and the special relationship that we have with our body, we have a feel (view) that there is a world out there and an "I" who am viewing it. This distinction between subject and object is seen in dream too. So one could say there is an "objective" reason for a view and that is "experience".

If we were to investigate these experiences we would be able to segregate a Self which has the experience and a diversity of experiences. At this level everything observed and experienced is an object different from the subject that is observing. The world observed in our psyche is transformed from an objective reality out there to an observed experience contained in it. Both Subject and Object are at this level contained in our psyche. What is the dividing criteria here? Now if we could ignore the variety of experiences and investigate on Self experience what do we find?

We are only left with "Observing" if we do not classify and name experiences. This witnessing then is our primary reality in which there is no trace of experience. Where is the world then if we deny experience and set our eyes on Observer alone?