Experience and experienceless states are created out of one single substence.

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Intellectuals object the difference between state of experience[waking,dream] and experience-less state[deep sleep] are like different part scene of the same single substence.

F.S says until and unless seeker inquires,analyze and reasons he cannot prove to himself and get conviction that the whole experience of diversity is created out of one single substence.

Some says the mystic experience gives peace and bliss. When the inquiry and reason reveals the fact that the physical body is not 'I', then what is there, to experience the bliss and peace as a person. One can only assume thus.

When man is experience of some invisible experiencer, and fully dependent on that invisible experiencer for his existence,how can man claim, the authorship of the experience,when he, himself is not his experience.

Therefore, it is for the seeker to find out,"What is that functions as physical body and perceives the world as a person?" to go beyond the psychology.

Intellectual and logical finding has no value in pursuit of truth. Since man cannot take authorship of his own experience, when some invisible experincer is experiencing, man and his world together.

Thus, there is a need to deeper inquiry,analysis and reasoning to unfold the mystery of the mind.