Expansion Of Consciousness

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As a part of spiritual journey consciousness must expand. First we become aware of the domain we could term as subjective. We become aware of our likes and dislikes and our reactions arising out of them. This expansion even if it is great and goes to the depth of our subconscious desires and fears is still within the prison of our subjectivity.

We must break free from the subjective to that which is outside conceptual thought. The tool for this too is observation but in this observation there has to be no observer dictating the pattern. It has to be free of seeking for seeking would give a direction to observation. It has to lie outside authority and book knowledge for both would limit and confine the observation to the level of subjectivity. It should not be dictated by our fears and sorrow for they constrict.

Foundation for both kinds of Observations as given in two preceding paragraphs is daily life. We must be firmly anchored in it in order not to deceive ourselves. I must use my Relationship to persons, things and Nature as a mirror. Above all I must learn about both Observation and Observer as I go along.