Everything has consciousness, including God

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Everything has consciousness.

In all levels:
someone-defined objects,
including man-defined objects,
including man himself,
and God.

Yes, the onlooking consciousness can light consciousness in the onlook, not just metaphorically or symbolically, this is a central part of the reality game.

And yes, they are all interconnected in a way and all are one in another way.

Yet, consciousness is not necessarily self consciousness. it doesn't necessarily mean that it is aware of itself in any way.

Each consciousness encompasses other consciousnesses. The encompassed cannot really be aware of the encompassing, still sometimes he may believe in a better cause or suspect, usually he would believe that things end at his point, that he is the top level.

The top level, however, is consciousness of the whole, that which encompasses all other consciousnesses, that consciousness is simply God.