Everything Begins with You!

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Many of us get caught in the trap of always seeking things in life but not realizing that we are at the source of all our experiences. We at times find ourselves wanting a more fulfilling career, a better relationship, more money or people to treat us nicer. We tend to get this “victim” mentality as if the world were doing us wrong.

The fact of the matter is that we must change our thinking first in order to change our experience. In order to change our thinking we must first change our perception. This is the key! Our perception influences our thinking and our thinking tells us what our “reality” is.

For example, if someone we love passes away, nature has simply said it is time for that soul to move on to another phase of his or her personal journey. If our perception tells us that we cannot live without this person in our lives, they died too young, God is unfair or life is too cruel then that becomes our experience and we attract all sorts of other conditions to solidify that thinking.

If on the other hand we understand that life in the body has a beginning and will certainly have an end and we know this ahead of time then we’re better equipped to handle that “reality” when the time comes. This doesn’t mean that you won’t miss that person when they are no longer in the flesh but you have to know that ultimately Spirit brings people into our lives for a reason and sometimes they are removed. If we can accept this then we allow new people and new experiences to enter our lives.

One doesn’t necessarily replace the other but each relationship can be beautiful in its own right. It is up to us to establish the proper sense of even-mindedness and non-attachment for we will have this experience of things coming into and leaving our lives such as homes, cars, jobs, loved ones, achievements, status and so forth. It is important to know that we are beyond any of our experiences or accomplishments. All created things are temporary but the soul being made in the image of Spirit is eternal.

Put the Truth of your essence in its rightful place of dominion over the senses and matter, thus changing your perspective, and you’ll begin to enjoy life with greater freedom, bliss and enjoyment.

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Very true!

Yes! We must accept the "Reality"...instead of expectation and imagination.If expectation and imagination never comes true....it will give pain and block the free flow of energy.

bonya basu | Thu, 09/22/2011 - 16:06