Every thing in this world is good – since God created it

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Every thing in this world is good – since God created it

After attaining God through knowledge, - practice is the next step,
Ignorance of all things other than God – is essential for concentration.
Veda says that OAM is bow, soul is arrow, - God is the target for you,
Here the arrow is not the target, - hence the soul is not God at all.
First knowledge of bow, arrow and – target is necessary and then
Action of applying arrow on bow – and diversion from sides is action,
Finally fixation of eye on target is – achieved by the ignorance of
All other side items only and such – ignorance is final concentration.
Thus, ignorance or rigidity is – created by God for good purpose only.
When it is used in proper place, - it becomes good and hence,
Every thing in this world is good – since God created it.
Anything becomes bad when – it is used for other purpose than
The purpose for which God created it, - even in Pravrutti, it is needed.

When a friend hurts you and repents, - you have to forget the past,
Here ignorance of past is needed, - devotees are born from Shiva only.
Radha and Hanuman were rigid devotees, - even Gopikas were also
Followers of Shiva as sages in – past birth with pasted hair and skin,
All their physical nature indicates Shiva, - hence Ramanuja told that
Shiva is the king of devotees, - it is unfortunate that Vaishnava devotees
Criticize Shiva, are they not demons – like Hiranyakashipu who criticized
Vishnu? When Uddhava came and–started preaching Advaita philosophy,
Gopikas told that there is no space – in their minds other than Krishna.

They were rigid to learn anything – other than their Krishna, who was
Their contemporary human incarnation, - similarly Hanuman was rigid
In His firm faith on Rama in spite of – various severe tests of Rama.
God born as Master is Vishnu, - same God born as devotee is Shiva.

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Who said God creates only good things?

Who said God creates only good things? God is ominscience so the bad things by definition are also created by God.

I don't know how you define good and bad but your defintion certainly cannot rely on God or on a fact that God created anything. Itr has nothing to do with God.

Annie | Fri, 11/20/2009 - 13:48

God is both Himself - Master and devotee

Reference to famous words of Vedanta----'aiko brahma dvitiyaanaasti' in Sansakrit------ There is non other than the One The God- who Himself manifested as many, many names and forms of the whole creation; even the creation He has been Himself. He the One has been absolute existence, absolute knowledge, absolute bliss-----------'AKHANDA-SACHIDAANANDA BRAHMA' WHICH IS ALL IN ALL HAS BEEN GOOD AND NO EXISTENCE OF THE ELEMENT CALLED 'BAD' and here is no any kind of His leela divine play, but only the 'Reality as it is' and also is beyond name and form. This is called non-dualism- Advaita in Vedanta reference to Vedas, Brahma Sutras, Bhagawat-Geeta and Yoga aphorisms.
Now come down from non-dualism to dualism wherein the entry of second element comes into; which is opposite to previous One i.e bad to good, untruth(false,lie etc.) to truth, non-existence to existence, ignorance to knowledge, imperfection of happiness to bliss, darkness to light, ego to egoless etc. Badness is the shadow of goodness in dualism; and names and forms come also into existence on account of the 'will of God' and that will of God is 'TO BE MANY'-----THE MANIFESTATION OF DIVINE PLAY.Many souls came out of the Soul for the fulfillment of the will of God that is the manifestation of dualism. Fear along-with ego becomes the cause for the flourish of second existence of soul(soul-system) in the divine play with the view of dualism in Vedanta. Vishnu, Brahmaa, shiva, Surya, Ashwanis, aadityaas etc. as names and forms as well as in the aspects of Master/masters and devotees came into the platform as part of the divine play in dualism.the Supreme goal of the dualist is to reach non-dualism---reference to 'Yoga Darshan' and 'Brahma Sutras','Poorav Mimaansaa'.
Coming down more and more there became trio-system in Vedanta Which is called traitvaad-----the actual existence of three -----NATURE, GOD(SUPREME SOUL, OVER-SOUL), SOULS; reference to Saankhya Darshan, Neyaaya Darshan, Vaisheshik Darshana and also Vedic concept of Maharshi Dayananda(competent authority on Vedas).


NIDHI PARKASH | Fri, 11/20/2009 - 17:06
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God created both good and bad

The Lord is always kindest and is interested in the happiness of all the human beings that are His children only. Gita says that the Lord is the father of all the living beings (Aham Bija Pradah Pita). The father always tries to favour His children and likes to see His children to be always happy. Originally only good path was created and all the human beings were permanently happy forever.

There was no trace of sorrow in their minds. That was called ‘Kruta Yuga’ or ‘Satya Yuga’ in which the deity of justice was standing on four legs. But in due course of time the continuous happiness started boring the human beings. One cannot eat sweets continuously. This reminds the “Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility” in Economics. They were bored and started feeling unhappy. Their minds were disturbed due to continuous happiness.

Therefore there was a need of break in the continuous happiness. That break can be only sorrow, which can be the fruit of sin only. Therefore the chilies were needed as breaks in the continuous eating of sweets.

Only for the happiness of His children, the Lord created the sin. He gave freedom to the souls so that they commit the sins and earn the chilies. Then the Lord arranged the life cycles by keeping sweets and chilies alternatively. Such arrangement alone can bring the real permanent happiness without boring. If it is continuous winter, you will get bored.

Summer is necessary. If it is continuous daytime it will be boring. Night is necessary. Even in the food the Lord created both sweets and chilies so that His children will enjoy the meals without boring. While eating the food, people will eat sweet dishes and hot dishes alternatively. Similarly the life cycle was arranged. Therefore creation of sin originally by the Lord shows only the infinite kindness of the Lord for His children.

Even if you have done two sins continuously, He is not giving the results of those two sins subsequently. In between these two sins a sweet result of good deed is penetrated so that the whole life cycle is an alternative arrangement of sweet and hot dishes i.e., results of good deeds and bad deeds. Such arrangement also shows the infinite kindness of the Lord for His children.

But what are you doing? You are pestering the God by showing false love through words (prayers) and mind (devotion) for removing the chilies and for getting sweets continuously. Since your love is not true, the Lord will not interfere with the theory of Karma, which says that one must enjoy the results of good and bad deeds. Therefore when you are pestering the Lord He is bringing the sweets from your future cycles as pre-matured fixed deposits with reduced values.

He is postponing your present chilies to the future cycles with added interests. Therefore as you are passing through the life cycles you are slowly entering such life cycles in which you are finding many number of chilies and less number of sweets. Remember that your future cycles are going to be full of chilies only without a single sweet.

In such life cycles the Lord cannot help you even if you cry to any extent. Then you are loosing your faith in the Lord and you will do sins only in such life cycles. Such sins will create further life cycles full of chilies only. Like this a chain reaction is set up and there is no end for such cycles of chilies and finally you will be born as a worm in drainage, which continuously undergoes misery only.

By doing rituals and doing certain worships and donations as suggested by astrologers, your sin is not cancelled and you will not get the fruit of a good deed, which was not done by you. These rituals suggested by priests and astrologers are of two types. 1) Trying to please the Lord by prayers (words) and devotion or meditation (mind). This type resembles the path of a prostitute who tries to please a person by words and feelings only to get some fruit from that person practically.

2) Trying to please the Lord by sacrificing work (Karma Sanyasa) and by sacrificing fruit of work (Karma Phala Tyaga) for getting some fruit from the Lord in return. This is the type of business of a merchant in which you give something and take something in return. In both these ways your future sweets are only brought to this life cycle and your present chilies are pushed to your future life cycles, because your love in these two ways is completely false.

In true love you will do Karma Sanyasa and Karma Phala Tyaga without aspiring any fruit in return. Of course sacrifice of words and mind to the Lord without aspiring any fruit in return is good, but cannot bring any fruit from the Lord. When you sacrifice words and mind, you are getting peace and pleasure in your heart and that it self is the fruit for that. When you are working in a field you are singing a song.

The owner of the field will pay for your work only but not for your singing. The work alone can bring the fruit, which is called Karma Yoga that consists of Karma Sanyasa and Karma Phala Tyaga. While doing Karma Yoga you may chant or sing or express devotion for your peace and your happiness only. That cannot bring any fruit from the Lord. EX: Suppose you work in the field for one hour and sing the songs for another hour without doing the work, the owner will pay you for one hour only and not for two hours.

There is only one path to get rid of the fruits of your sins and to get the fruit of good deeds, which you have not done. When you serve the Lord in human form here in this world, the Lord in human form will transfer your sins upon Him and will suffer for your sake. As a servant of the Lord, you are entering the second cycle called ‘Deva Yaana’ or ‘Jyothir Marga’ as explained in Gita. You will go to Brahmaloka along with the Lord and derive continuous happiness here and there in the presence of the Lord.

But in this path you should serve the Lord without aspiring any fruit and even this path. Such selfless service consists of Karma Sanyasa as done by Hanuman to Rama and Karma Phala Tyaga as done by Gopikas by offering butter to Krishna. In this path recognition of human incarnation of the Lord is very very important. The Lord comes in every human generation. Otherwise the Lord becomes partial to a particular human generation.

Hanuman and Gopikas never worshipped statues or photos of previous incarnations or the Gods present in the upper worlds like Brahma, Vishnu, Siva etc. In human body only, the Lord can enjoy your sins really as any other human being. Then only He can do the justice to the Law of Justice. Otherwise in the form of a statue or a photo He cannot enjoy your sins and therefore the Lord is never entering the statue or photo as said in Veda ‘Natasya Pratima Asti’.

Therefore the original creation of sin by God cannot be blamed. In fact it shows His infinite kindness to see His children to be really happy with alternative enjoyment of sweet and hot dishes.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
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