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What is Self Inquiry?

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Recently, quite a lot of people who read my blog post Self Inquiry - tips and were not familiar with Ramana Maharshi's Self Inquiry (also written "Self Enquiry", in Sanskrit: "Atma Vichara") got curious and asked me to explain what it is and how to do it.

Does Life need to have a purpose?

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Most of what I write on is based on teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my Master. However, the experiences are internalized before they are expressed.

surrender to Him

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You are on path of Sadhna as His wish. To remain there, only way is to surrender. To just release yourself and surrender and wait. Your karma, thoughts, experiences all surrender to Him.

Seeker must decide, what he is seeking before hand

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Whatever seen,known,believed and experienced of the universe, as an individual are within the 'I'. Thus limiting the 'I' only to the physical entity is the main obstacle in pursuit of truth.

Has Formless Spirituality taken over this site?

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Does anyone else feel like this site has been somewhat hijacked?

Experience VS. Theory - or - Is the moon made of cheese?

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Someone can say "Jupiter is made of cheese and therefore it looks white". I cannot validate that Jupiter is made of cheese as currently I cannot travel to Jupiter therefore it is a theory for me and therefore useless. Nevertheless, I may be still willing to accept this statement as valid if the sayer is actually an astronaut and happened to travel to Jupiter once...


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Today I am here, just as I am, with no thought or expectation. Yesterday and tomorrow are just dreams; it is this moment which inhabits all transitory existence.

Spiritual Ego and the Bliss Bubble

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Anyone can comment on this phenomena?

Man and his experince of the world are within the mind or 'I'

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The seeker who becomes aware of the fact that, the witness can never be something known. The physical body or a person ,being known cannot be the witness.