Careful usage of logic in the service of spirituality

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Whether we want it or not, we use logical reasoning to draw conclusions about our spiritual path and to extend our beliefs.

If I only knew...

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If only I knew that it is a school.
But if I knew, it would not be a school anymore.

If only I knew that it is a dream.
If I knew, there would not be a dream anymore.

Let Truth reveal itself

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Forget about Truth. Not only can mind not see it, there's nothing for mind to see. If it's already here, already obvious, already what you are, then it's senseless to go looking for it.

Mind is formless in ,which the form exists

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The thought cannot rise without the form. Even if one claims the thoughts are formless, their main ingredient is form. Only as a person one is able to think and have thoughts.

Stopping the thinking, with no conflict

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For a long time, I was firmly against trying to stop the thinking process. I thought it always triggers mental conflict and thus only harmful at the end of the day.

What am I?

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"Who Am I?" or "What am I?" are questions that have been recommended to be asked throughout the ages. Self-enquiry has been suggested by just about every spiritual teacher who ever existed.

Tips for truth seekers part-3

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This is only an information to help and guide the truth seekers.

Your strong conviction that you are one same "I"

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One of the most strong taken-for-granted illusionary convictions one carries consistently is that he is a one single unified entity, one monolithic "I", one solid personality, one same-in-all-times John, one atomic Barbara.

Tips to truth seekers part- 2

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This only to help and guide the truth seekers.

Nothing !

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Let there be no light ,no darkness.
What i have to do with this i am where there is no light and darkness for me.
Let there be no happiness ,no sorrow.