The Eternal Song Goes On....

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So,that was the very tragic ending of my beloved guru Tirthapadas physical incarnation 22 years ago.I am sure we will see him again and meanwhile,we remember his words and teachings and hold him dear to our hearts.
I would like to share some of my favourite verses from his beautiful translation of the Bhagavada-Gita.

"I am the unitary source of all consciousness,time,space,energy and mass.By Me the world is manifested and at its end dissolved."(chapter 7,verse 6)

"I am the flavour of pure water,the light of moons and suns,the sacred syllable AUM in the Holy Scriptures,the sound transported through space and all that is truly human in humankind."(chapter 7,verse 8)

"I am the pleasing fragrance of the earth,the warm radiance of the fire,the life of all sentient beings and the self-sacrifice of the austere."(chapter 7,verse 9)

"I reserve the right to remain invisible to the faithless whose eyes I keep covered by the magic of My divine potency.In this way the world remains ignorant of the fact that I am the beginless and inexhaustible source of all exsistance."(chapter 7,verse 25)

"I am equally aware of past,present and future and I know every soul very well,my dear Arjuna,yet I remain unknown."
(chapter 7,verse 26)

"The fully awake consciousness of those who know Me as the Supreme Divine Person,the force within the atom,the source of all the godly overlords and the supreme indwelling spirit within all hearts,can remain in complete awareness of Me which is uninterrupted even at the time of their death."(chapter 7,verse 30)

"If one's consciousness is filled with rememberance of Me at the last moments of one's life within the body then one is sure to reach Me.Have no doubt of this.(chapter 8,verse 5)

"Whatever state of consciousness one is in at the end of a lifetime will determine the state of being the soul will experience after disconnection with the body."(chapter 8,verse 6)

"You should therefore,remember Me at every moment and,at the same time,strive to carry out your duty.Dedicating your heart and mind to Me you can rest assured that you will come to me."(Chapter 8,chapter 7)

"Anyone who makes a conscious practice of communing with Me,always chastely thinking of Me,arrives before long in My transcendental Abode,my dear child of Pritha.(chapter 8,verse 8)

"One should contemplate always upon the original poet,the all-knowing Author of the cosmos,the most ancient and sovereign Ruler of all creation,Who is more fundamental than the atom,the sustenance of all exsistance,far beyond all limited conceptions,with a transcendental form so beautiful as to give illumination to the sun.'(Chapter 8,verse 9)

"Now I shall speak briefly of the supreme goal of life,the inexhaustible Resevoir of Truth Whom the erudite scholars of Holy Scripture seek to know,whom the devout hermits hope to meet in the wilderness and Whom the students of spiritual life inquire after."(chapter 8,verse 11)

"In fact,for those who remember Me always,never allowing a gap in their devotion,I am very easily attainable."(chapter 8,verse 14)

"On all the planets within the universe where there is life,the sufferings of continual birth and death go on,but those who have reached the planets of My Divine Realm achieve everlasting life with Me."(chapter 8,verse 16)

"There is,however,an everlasting exsistance which is transcendental to the material flux and which remains intact even at the dissolution of the mundane world.'(Chapter 8,verse 20)

"In the imperishable world that lies beyond all mundane manifestation,I maintain My eternal residence and those fortunate souls who have realised their eternal destiny reach Me there and are never forced to the worlds of birth and death."(chapter 8,verse 21)

"Continuous and exclusive devotional love is the only means by which the super excellence of the Supreme Person may be realised.Present in every atom of the universal creation,all exsistances are but expansions of the various potencies of that Supreme Energetic Source."(chapter 8,verse 22)

"In the opinion of the Holy Scriptures one may pass from this in light or in darkness.Those whoeave their bodies in light never return to the world,wheras those who leave in darkness must return."(chapter n8,verse 26)

"Although it is very well that you know this,in actual fact,My devotees need never be concerned about the details of these different paths.Therefore, My dear Arjuna,you should simply always remain absorbed in deep and loving communion with Me."(chapter 8,verse 27)

"Those who worship Me with devotion arrive at the condition of supreme peace and blissfulness in My sacred spiritual Realm and thus achieve more than can be gained through performance elaborate and costly sacrifices,voluntary acceptance of austerity ,liberal giving in charity and other such pious works."(chapter 8,verse 28)

Will share more of this nectar,soon.with love to all sincere searchers on planet earth!

Asanga | Sun, 01/03/2010 - 07:14
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Only God knows the truth..

i have read most of the ISKCON based versions of the "truth" about Tirthapada and believe most of it to be false,sensationalist,bullshit that seeks to justify their foul treatment of him!
He actually cried when he was made a guru,as,in a sense,it was very contrary to his innate humility,to take that seat.
It was actually his more fanatical,disciples who began proclaiming him to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ,and he was extremely uncomfortable with that kind of projection.
His murderer somehow managed to convince detectives,that it was he,who was the victim.He was an arrogant,egotistical and very manipulative individual.He had already shown murderous,psychotic tendencies,when he threatened to kill me in Cornwall-because "Krishna had told him I was evil!"

Somehow,these disgraceful,articles,seem to be intimating that this beautiful,gentle man deserved to die in this savage,bloodthirsty manner.

Only time will tell,what the actual truth is.

hmmm | Sun, 01/03/2010 - 11:45
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Not Happy!

Asanga-I am really not happy that you have put these links onto my page!Those of us who loved Tirthapada were deeply traumatised by the manner in which he died.
I did not come on here intending to discuss him at all,actually,but after my first blog(Greetings fellow earthlings!),in which I mentioned him,a few people asked me about him and thats how I began to tell his story.
I am not trying to convince anyone of anything,or find him new followers-he doesnt need any,where he is!
I am sharing excerpts from his translation of the Bhagavada-Gita simply because as a writer myself,I find it to be exquisitely written and his use of language is a pleasure to behold,even if one doesnt believe a word of it!
I am not on here to argue or enter debates about gurus or religion,there is enough of that in the world already.

I am on here as an independent spirit,a writer and communicator,who also had a guru,who I loved very much,who taught me to be myself and healed me in avery profound way.
I might not have agreed with everything he did and I even walked away from him at the end-my loyalty to him is not blind!

I have seen the ISKCON links you put on here before and it makes me feel sick.

I wanted to put something positive on the internet about him,for the sake of fairness and balance.

I would appreciate it if you would remove those links from my page,as I do not want to be associated with such poisonous garbage.If people want to google and find it,that is their prerogative but not from my page,thank you very much!

I have nothing to offer anyone except my honesty and my own experiences.

Organised,male dominated religions have alot to answer for,in my opinion and sometimes seem to actually take people away from the loving spirit of God,rather than bring them closer to it.

Murdering and hating in the name of God is one of the greatest evils on this earth.

I hope that the spirit of love and peace will become more and more powerful amongst the earths people and we will all realise our common link to Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Tirthapada embodied that spirit more than anyone I have ever met.

hmmm | Mon, 01/04/2010 - 16:55
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Sorry you feel that way...

Dearest Hmmm...
I am sorry you feel that the articles linked here will malign the name of your guru. I never intended that. I just scanned the net and found these articles. You find them offensive, which implies you hold an opposing view.
To a lay reader, both viewpoints appear equally important or unimportant.
Your words are beautiful and sincere- and I have eagerly read all you wrote- it was a natural consequence that I searched the net for more on your Guru.
Just to put things in perspective, I did not get swayed by the words in any of the references I mentioned- rather, I was more intrigued...
What you write, holds me much more strongly than the articles I linked.
Anyway, I do respect your space, and did try to delete my aforementioned comments as you desired, but unfortunately, the links cannot be deleted; apparently the way this site works is that no content can be edited- I do not know why...
Please do continue to write- especially your own experiences, rather than your guru's commentaries on Gita- which would be better put up as quotes/ or in a forum; as you said earlier, the truth will prevail...
I would like to add that-
One does not need to defend one's master at all- he is beyond material machinations...
A real master is like the sky- nothing can touch him...
If one spits at the sky, all it does is fall back upon their own face...
I can see that this is actually what has happened to those who had maligned your Guru...

Love and regards,
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Tue, 01/05/2010 - 10:09
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I understand but...

I am sharing something of this sacred text and it was inappropriate to put those links there,if it had been added to my own writing and views,it would not have upset me so much.

I will be writing mostly my own thoughts and experiences,but am actually rather sad and exhausted with lifes hardships right now and unable to communicate very well,because of that.

For this reason,I decided to share Tirthapadas writing,which is of a transcendental nature and inspires me,deeply.

I really only have a basic understanding of using a computer,so I dont always know what to put where etc

You are right that I do not need to defend him but nonetheless those articles really are horrible to read and I would rather not have found them that day,when I was already feeling downhearted about everything!

Its all old news anyhow and Im certain that Tirthapada is free from all this crazy nonsense,by now.Unfortunately,I still find it hurts me to come into contact with those condemning views.

I appreciate your comments and advice,though and feel,that he himself would actually be advising me in much the same way.So,I thank you for that and hope we can continue to be honest friends to one another.

hmmm | Tue, 01/05/2010 - 11:07
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Beautiful aura

Katerina - my own opinion is that the content of the links doesn't shed any bad light on thirapada at all, on the contrary - it demonstrates exactly what you said about the response of the other iskcon people. I don't think you have a reason to worry at all.

Plus, it's the first time i see pics of him following the reading of your loving words about him - his face is glowing, he is so soft and beautiful, he doesn't look the way i imagined him but he looks so familiar.

PS. if you still think that you prefer the links to be removed you can contact the admins and I'm sure they will follow your wish as they did before in other cases, I think that asanga even if he wishes and agrees cannot edit the comment after posting it. Again, personally I don't think the link is doing any harm.

leo | Tue, 01/05/2010 - 15:53
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Thanks for feedback Leo,I had an emotional reaction because Im an emotional person,but am now also realising that I must just allow things to evolve in their own way,where Tirthapada is concerned.Im happy that a discussion is happening-after all thats what this website is for!
It reminds me of one of the first things I learnt as a devotee and that is that"I am not the controller!"

He,himself,is alot more detached from everything than I seem to be,but then my path is my own and I do follow the path of emotion,which,I believe to be as valid as any other and maybe more the feminine way.Yin and yang,its all good!

Your description of Tirthapadas characteristics from seeing his pics,is spot on-I think thats why the manner of his death was so upsetting because he really was the softest,most gentle of beings.

It was a very difficult task for me to write about his murder and maybe,even after all this time,I am still coming to terms with it all.

I will trust in the power and purity of his spirit and know that what will be,will be!

hmmm | Wed, 01/06/2010 - 13:56
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An opposing view

Asanga | Sun, 01/03/2010 - 07:35