The Essential Spiritual Practice for Awakening

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"In my experience,
the fundamental spiritual practice
is fully allowing this moment to be.

Not to control the thoughts,
but allow thinking to be.
Not to repress feelings/sensations
but allow all feelings/sensations to be.

Without obsessing over them,
owning them;
without dramatizing and without control.

It's a free flowing of what is
and in the fully allowing of it,
your attention is free from identifying with it.

Attention is released from its attachment
to the personal 'me'
and steps back into pure awareness
leaving that personal 'me'
which is nothing but thoughts, emotions,
and physical happenings
to continue as it wants unhindered.

But now it is all happening
in and as consciousness.
It all gets blurred into one.

It requires you to be soft, sensitive,
honest and humble.

But in the full allowing
of what is to be
the naturalness of this moment
is free to play itself out
and in that freedom,
its essence of peace is revealed.

You realize that this peace is everything
and everything is made of this peace.

Much love,


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