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Why do Neo Advaita or for that matter Advaita or any other similar or diverse folks so eager to proclaim that they have arrived. Some may obviously be charlatans but what about those who are deluded into making such tall claims. It is in the latter category that perhaps fall some very well known and followed Gurus.

One of the reasons may be the inability to face 'Facts'. Sorrow or ignorance causes a person to spin in spirals around a 'Fact' which he has inability facing directly. In fact some go to the extent of declaring that since anyways Man is not capable to meet Facts directly he must be given a circular path which he would find easier. Myths and stories are good example of how the message was sought to be delivered directly to something in the inner recess of Man that was open to Light.

Rationalisation and simple binary formulations are an indication that 'Fact' is being avoided. If one is willing to face life directly then enlightenment as a goal looses is significance.