Entrance of God into this world

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Entrance of God into this world

The Veda mentions the entrance of God into this world through a human incarnation (Tadevaanu Praavisat). When He enters the human body, He pervades that body from top to bottom, internally and externally, just like the electricity that has entered a metallic wire. Wherever you touch the wire the electricity is experienced (Antarbhahischa). This is Advaita (non-duality), which means that you cannot separate God and that human body as long as He is present in the body. God is that human body just as the electricity is that wire. Therefore you should worship such a human form as the actual God with the Advaita angle.

Why are you worshipping past human incarnations? The electricity has gone from those wires and even those wires are not seen now. Only imaginary pictures or photographs of those wires are present before you. What is the use of worshipping them? God left those human bodies and you cannot experience that God directly.

Those human bodies are also gone now. Then what is it that you are worshipping? When the Lord left the body of Krishna, Arjuna cremated that body with the help of a few dry sticks, because the body was only an inert material. The same body, when Lord was present in it, had swallowed a wild fire, which was burning the whole forest. Therefore the inert statue is only for vision and meditation.