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There are broadly two ways of enquiry. One is to see all the observed (seen) phenomenon as behaving according to a law transient and not self. This includes the Sankhya view. To quote Gita

27. Prakriteh kriyamaanaani gunaih karmaani sarvashah;
ahamkaaravimoodhaatmaa kartaaham iti manyate. Chapter 3

All actions are wrought in all cases by the qualities of Nature only. He whose mind is deluded by egoism thinks: “I am the doer.”

Commentary: Prakriti or Nature is that state in which the three gunas exist in a state of equilibrium. When this equilibrium is disturbed, creation begins and the body, senses and mind are formed. The man who is deluded by egoism identifies the Self with the body, mind, the life-force and the senses, and ascribes to the Self all the attributes of the body and the senses. In reality the gunas of Nature perform all actions.

Chapter 18

13. Learn from Me, O mighty-armed, these five causes for the accomplishment of all actions, as declared in the Sankhya system, which is the end of all actions.

14. The "seat" (body) , the doer (ego) , the
various organs-of-perception, the different functions of various
organs-of-action, and also the presiding deity, the fifth.

15. Whatever action a man performs by his body, speech and mind
--- whether right, or the reverse --- these five are its causes.

16. Now, such being the case, verily he who --- owing to his
untrained understanding --- looks upon his Self, which is "alone"
(never conditioned by the "engine" ) , as the doer, he, of perverted
intelligence, sees not.

17. He who is free from the egoistic notion, whose intelligence
is not tainted (by good or evil) , though he slays these people, he
slays not, nor is he bound (by the action) .

The other view is that if one has to ultimately discard all as we discard what has been swept while cleaning then why bother about it individually. Instead focus on that which is the Cause of all, the unchangeable, the Source which is nothing but the Self from which originates a sense of identity (I am).

Consciousness is technically its content because without it one cannot speak of it and this confirms to the Buddhist view. The only variation perhaps is that the root of Ahamkara is considered the origin of consciousness as said in Gita Chapter 7

4. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect, egoism --- these are My eight-fold PRAKRITI.

5. This is the "lower" PRAKRITI; different from it, know thou, O mighty-armed, My "Higher' ' PRAKRITI , the very Life-element, by which this world is upheld.

6. Know that these (two PRAKRITIS ) , are the womb of all beings. So I am the source and dissolution of the whole universe.

So the effort is to get in touch with Vigyanamaya Kosa where shines the subtle Ahamakara as I Am.

Yogis try to attune to Mahat (Intelligence) which is another way of describing the above. Intelligence as Gita says is merely covered up

38. As fire is enveloped by smoke, as a mirror by dust, as an
embryo by the womb, so this (wisdom) is enveloped by that (desire or anger) .

and so says Ramayana too.
Sumati kumati sab ke ur rahahee |
Naath puran nigam as kahahee ||
Jaha sumati tah sampati nana |
Jaha kumati tah bipati nidaana || (Sunderkand, Ramayan)