Enligtened Master is not necessary

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It is erroneous to say that enlightened master can only lead the seeker to the enlightenment. There is difference between religious,yogic and spiritual enlightenment.

Religious and yogic enlightenment are branded, and anyone can take a authorship as enlightened, as a person. In Spiritual enlightenment the authorship cannot be claimed, since the self which is spirit is the true author.

Spiritual journey is a very personal journey. Seeker has to try and study all the paths and discard them, when he finds them, inadequate and useless. The enlightened master is not necessary ,but intense urge and courage to accept the truth and reject the untruth is very much necessary.

Spiritually enlightened mind will not say he is enlightened. But he sows the seed of truth in fellow seekers mind, and waits for them to sprout. He never claims he is enlightened.But his encourages every seeker, on whichever path he is in, to move forward and realize the fact on their own.

Serious seeker of truth need not renounce any thing, study scriptures,practice yoga or indulge in guru and god glorification.They must search the truth which is hidden within the mind as its invisible substence and witness and realize the whole mind which is experince of diversity is created out of single substence which is Ataman or spirit.

Thus F.S helps the seeker to save their precious time and effort to realize the truth in lesser time and effort, by helping the seeker to overcome all the doubts and confusion to realize the truth.

It is necessary for the seekers to continue with path they have chosen, and go to the core of the teaching, and when they find it cannot yield any results, then only they must venture in to pursuit of truth, not until then.

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Who says that you only need a Enlightened Master/Guru , if there is true disciple/truth seeker then even a stone is enough for his/her initiation.It is the matter of faith,devotion and surrender.The most Legendary example is of Dhanna Jat.

madan_gautam | Sat, 10/11/2008 - 08:09