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This is from the Blog of spiritual teacher Sage (see guru's feet)



We can no longer turn away from what is happening on a global level. What is the good of personal salvation, if we do not have a planet to live on? We are one humanity, one consciousness, connected to a higher principle, and as such, the pain of another is the pain of me. We are the world and the world is us. We think we are individuals, living separate lives from one another-but this is an illusion. In fact we are totally interconnected and interrelated through the universality of a spiritual actuality where every living thing is a part of God’s creation. Yes, the spark of the divine is in every one of us. However, the reality we live in is vastly different.

War crimes and atrocities on such a colossal scale are now perpetrated in the name of democracy and the bogus threat of terrorism that our very planet is at stake. We cannot stand idly by when our fellow brothers and sisters are bombed, killed and tortured in the name of freedom.

Bradley Manning languishes in confinement in a US prison for the next 35years portrait as a traitor by his country for exposing the brutal reality of war. Whistle blowers are now seen as the enemy of the state and a threat to national security. Mass surveillance is routine. Police are militarised. Fear is engineered so we forgo our civil liberties and constitutional rights. War is portrayed as an integral part of human existence, essential for world peace. The lines between fiction and reality have now been intentionally blurred so that we will believe in the unbelievable and except the unfathomable. Truth has been literally turned on its head. The world has become a nightmare. We all must wake up before it is too late.

How did we get here?

The world is irretrievably moving towards global extinction with the US drive for world hegemony and neo-conservative imperialism. The White House, NATO and her European puppet states want confrontation with Russia so as to eliminate or degrade Russia and China’s rise as a world power that threaten the US drive for world hegemony.

The US has a policy of perpetual war under the guise of terrorism. The war criminal Dick Cheney, Vice President and United States Secretary of Defense, said it would be an intergenerational war. It is also a religious war against Muslims. We must wind the clock back to the illegal George W. Bush Presidency in 2001, and the false flag operation of 9/11, to find the beginnings of this nightmare. This is when the world was irrevocably plunged into darkness and mayhem. This massive psychological mind control operation blamed on Osama Bin Laden and 19 radical hijackers (sic) was the coup d’état that changed the world forever establishing a never-ending war machine geared for perpetual war.

When millions of people marched in the capital cities around the globe to protest against the second illegal war of Iraq in 2003 failed to change government policy, power to the people lost her voice. When Colin Powell, United States Secretary of State lied so blatantly to the United Nations Security Council on Iraq in February 5, 2003 regarding weapons of mass destruction it was evident maintaining international peace and rule of law did not apply to the US. When Israel acts with impunity for its genocide of Palestinians and theft of land in broad daylight for the world to see – and does nothing, mass murder is sanctified. As human beings, what are we to make of this? Have we lost our humanity?

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We must wake up and face reality head on

Courageous people are risking their careers and their lives because they have unplugged from the matrix to awaken to a world taken over by an oligarchical, criminal shadow government hell-bent on global supremacy. For them the world has become such a frightening place that there is no alternative but to speak out. For these people the global outlook is so grim that they are willing to risk their own lives for the sake of humanity. These people should get the Noble Peace Price, not President Obama.

So how did we get in this terrible state? Is it because we are so busy attending to our own lives and preoccupied with self-interest that we do not perceive the danger each one of us is facing? Is it because we are driven by materialistic and sensual desires that divert attention away from global concern to a life of self-centeredness? And as long as our desires are met and our individual needs covered we consider our life happy? Or is it because our minds so conditioned to readily accept and believe what is seen on the news as fact that we no longer have the capacity to discern the lies from the truth? Or has our consciousness become so heavily thought orientated and intellectualised that it is easily programmable and controlled, thus manipulated?

Humanity is almost totally programmed now through the corporate controlled mass media that we have come to a point of suspended reality where fiction has become non-fiction and lies are now seen as truth. Our minds have become so infiltrated with propaganda and disinformation that we have lost the capacity to discern fact from fiction. Just like a computer that is programmed to operate as its program, human beings have been programmed, subjugated so we go along with their imperialistic, war-mongering agenda.

The central causal nexus

The central causal nexus (as I see it) is our need for biological and psychological security. The fear of death, with its termination of life, propels the mind towards security in this life and the after-life. To this end we have handed our power and money in return for promised salvation. We have looked towards authoritative, hierarchical religious institutions that profess divinity to God for spiritual guidance. These institutions in return enshrine there holy books as ‘the word of God’ to protect power of office. And so it has been that humanity has been enslaved, persecuted, divided and annihilated through millennia in the name of God, truth, love and religion. We are asked to believe and put our faith in the church because they have the divine authority -not to question, meditate or find out for ourselves. Religion is really an instrument for control. We have been conditioned to BELIEVE AND ACCEPT AUTHORITY AS OUR SALVATION.

Embedded within this security nexus is a psychological need to have a world view that is aligned with universal spiritual and moralistic principles of goodness, integrity and trust. This gives the mind a psychological mooring, a foundation for our sense of self and well-being within a global context. We are brought up to believe the world is good and just. As sociological beings we put that trust in the governments to uphold law and order and govern for the people. What if this trust broke down irreparably? Society would become anarchistic. This is what the government fears most.

However, when this idealistic world view does not align itself with reality, or if the reality is too frightening to acknowledge because it confronts and challenges the very foundation of our beliefs and established concepts, we deny its very existence. Even when the evidence is so overwhelming and the facts incontrovertible, we still manage to dismiss it.

This need to hold onto psychological security, even when it requires holding onto beliefs and established norms that are totally irrational and life threatening, is inconsistent with a sane mind. However bad the reality may be, there is an imperative to connect to the reality we have adopted as truth so we can break free from it and connect to actuality. We must unshackle ourselves from a primarily belief driven, thought-based programmable consciousness to see the world as it actually is. We can only do this by unplugging from the matrix which is conditioning our mind so we can observe clearly, objectively.

When we understand the media, government and the military all work together to push agendas and shape public opinion, the first priority is to switch to alternative news sources for an independent, unbiased lens on geo-political events. Seeing through the propagandistic lies that are feed to us on a daily basis by the corporate media, and the web of deception that is spun from it, we get into touch with reality – no matter how shattering it is to our pre-concepts and world view.

The new enlightenment

This is the new enlightenment. It is not chanting or seeking happiness, but the breaking away from ignorance and mental slavery and tuning into this geo-political crisis that is bringing destruction to us all.

We act because life demands we be free from ignorance and illusion. How can we live in enlightened spiritual consciousness when our minds are propagandised and controlled through fear? We act because we are ONE HUMANITY. We act because we are the world and the world is us. The death of someone is the death of us. Then the worlds problems are our problems and not left to the corrupt politicians.

It only takes one person, you, to wake up then the whole world is awakened. Then the world will be how it was intended, a divine place where higher consciousness governs, not the plutocracy and the war criminals who want perpetual war, global dominance and a one world government with humanity enslaved to it.

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so what

plutocracy and the war criminals who want perpetual war, global dominance and a one world government with humanity enslaved to it.

Who let it happen ?
Who protected evil men while good souls starve ?
Who did you pray too
too stop suffering ?
Who didn't answer ?
All your silly ceremonies, all your love you give
Too a Lord who does not care about your lives

Who has the power to change this world ?
Who does not even try to ?

Countless souls gave love too a God who gave them none in return

And do not say God is love
Humans display love
name one instance where God has stopped a bomb from killing children
stopped a rape from happening
Appeared himself in his divine glory to feed you
people try to stop these horrors not God

God controls the sickness he controls the evil
and you still pray too him instead of each other
you give love too him instead of each other

Our lives are meaningless to God
look around at your planet
but they are not meaningless too us

Stop praying
God does not love you or this world

Your faith can argue against this truth
but it matters little
There is enough proof to realize God does not care
and if you still feel like God loves and protects us
wait until you really need him
like the thousands executed in every war
who prayed too God too save them and their family's
and were met with silence
God did not stop those bullets
no matter how much faith you have God will not lift a finger to help you

and do not say God is impartial he saved Enoch
blessed Vallalaar

You might think this is an immature argument
but when a Gun is pointed at your head and you are praying
you will see how much God is willing to let you suffer
you will see
how worthless your prayers really are

by all means carry on with your silly rituals
like the countless souls before you in history
it did not help them
but of course God might help you
because you have faith
That's what they thought too

Mr jack | Mon, 02/02/2015 - 21:55