Enlightenment is not a social activity

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Enlightenment is not a social activity. There may be multiple brains, but there is only one Mind shared between all of us. And it is entirely deluded, false, full of ignorance and false ideas. All conditioning is consensus-conditioning.

We cannot get to the truth by asking our friends. We cannot even get there by asking a guru, who (if he's genuine) will only tell us "turn within". We can get there only by doing what the guru says: Turning within, *not* without.

Everybody wants a hint, a taste of it... but nobody really wants the whole. Letting go of all attachments? It is the end of our life, as we know and are familiar with it, a dive straight into the unknown. Who really wants that? Better the shallow television set, shallow friends, shallow activities in order to escape.

The outer world is nearly one hundred percent resistance, nonacceptance and projection, like waves on the surface of the ocean. We cannot get to the truth by asking another wave what the depths of the ocean are like. Nor can we get there by our usual activities of reassuring others that they are separate entities, and wanting them to reassure us back.

The eternal cry on the surface of this ocean is... "is there anybody out there?" This is cried again and again by people, who aren't at all sure that they are not alone. Even we will start fights with people, in order to believe that there is somebody there. Nearly everything we do is designed so we remain separate, as a wave, stay on the surface, avoid the yawning Void we know is beneath us.

What few suspect is that this Void is really the Self. It is your own Self, and there's really nothing to be afraid of. There is a vast, infinite and unexplored ocean within you, vaster even than the furthest reaches of outer space. The world is but the surface of this ocean.

If we let go of all attachment to the world and 'stand alone' as timeless Being, we realize our true nature. But we cannot do this by asking others how. It can only happen when we're ready, keeping quiet and available. Only fear prevents, nothing else.

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Don't sacrifice the now for the future

It may be social and it may not, the sangha and the joint energetic field have a huge supportive advantage. If you ever participated in Vipassana or group meditations, you surely realized this.

Beware not to use spirituality and enlightenment (a target in the future) as a justification to avoid other people and life (the now).

Life is a celebration in the now, within and without, with people or without, spiritual or non spiritual, flow with it, enjoy, celebrate, all the rest is theories, assumptions and future targets - don't let them dictate to you the quality of what really exists - your being, the now.

And by the way, the outer world is not different than the inner world - it's an artificial and unnecessary separation.

solomon | Fri, 02/06/2009 - 11:16
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But he didn't say, avoid people, don't go to Sangha, don't celebrate the now, don't enjoy. What he said, and very well IMO, is let go of attachment, stand alone in your 'search for Truth', face the void, don't seek reassurance of your personhood, turn within.

It's true that 'within' and 'without' are not different, but it's also true that you're already 'enlightened' and you're already freedom itself. But you don't know any of that to be true and so such concepts just become justifications for what we want to believe and do.

Phroggy | Fri, 02/06/2009 - 19:43
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I agree...

> don't let them dictate to you the quality of what really
> exists - your being, the now.

I agree... don't let 'them' dictate any of that to you. Really, that wasn't my intention, to dictate anything, but I'm sorry if you get that impression from my writings.

P.S. if you're wondering why I switched around the "me" and "you", it's because the ego is unconsciously talking to itself -- the "me" and the "you" are both Here. This is why we must get away from "self and other", and turn within. We really know no existence but our own.


Omkaradatta | Fri, 02/06/2009 - 20:18