Enlightenment: How to Transcend the Ego

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"That which you
assume yourself to be
is not actually a thing,
but an action.

It is the action
holding on.

In every moment,
you are unconsciously
holding on to an idea
of who you are.

And although
this idea of who you are
is constantly changing
moment to moment,
the action of holding
on remains the same,

giving you the feeling
that there is a 'you'
moving in time,
changing and transforming,
learning and growing.

But if you become aware
of this action of holding on
and even for this moment
let go of this action of holding,

then you fall into this moment
and see very clearly,
beyond the intellect
that everything is arising
by itself,
forever fresh and new
out of this moment.

You move beyond the idea
of this you moving linear in time
and experience
conscious radiance,
not as a person
but as conscious radiance itself.

You realize
your natural state of peace
where there is no such thing
as stress.



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