Enlightenment: How to Free Yourself from Concepts

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"The mind works
by acquiring knowledge
and then judging everything
according to that knowledge.

The mind turns knowledge
into a "supposed to"
"This is how I am supposed to be."
"This is how life is supposed to be."

Unhappiness arises
because concepts about life
become far more important
than how life actually is.

And through this process
of judgement,
you separate yourself
from everything else.

The constant urge to
make things different
than they are,
trying to mould yourself
into being a certain way.

All of this building
stress on top of stress.

The natural spontaneous
experience of you
that arises new in every moment
gets suppressed,
gets put down.

And so there is this underlying
feeling that there is something
wrong with you.

So meditation
could be seen
as the method
of being real.

To become aware
of what is really here,
what is truly here
without trying to change it.

It is giving yourself
the freedom to reveal yourself
exactly as you are
beyond your concepts.

And so perhaps
at first you become aware
of all of the judgements.

Then you become aware of the emotions
underneath, the hurt underneath
the psychological, the mental
the physical.

You become aware
of the subconscious,
the collective unconscious,
the core feeling of separation.

You become aware
of what seems to be real
and in that awareness,
the stress that binds you
to that layer,
that makes you identified
with that layer,

and you discover
a new truth underneath it.

You do this layer after layer
until you become aware that there
is nothing here
but awareness itself.

All concepts about spirituality
fall away
and there is just awareness,
there is just life itself
animating this body and mind
and everything.

You are free to be
exactly as you are.



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