Enlightenment: Going Beyond Understanding

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"It is very easy
to get caught up
in the teachings themselves.

To read something written
about meditation or enlightenment
and then take that on as the truth.

But all teachings can ever really do
is point you in the right direction.
What happens when you get there
is beyond understanding.

Let's take a meditation technique
like watching your thoughts.

You can sit down, close your eyes
and with practice
learn to witness thoughts.

But once you actually become
a witness to your thoughts
and individual identification dissolves,
something happens
that cannot be explained in words.

The best you can say
is that meditation takes over.
You are no longer meditating,
there is only meditation happening
and it is completely beyond your control.

You have entered
or better said
disappeared into
an entire different realm
of experience
where the intellectual mind
is no longer there
to perceive what is happening.

When you come out of it,
I could ask you to detail
your experience
but you couldn't explain it.

The best you could say is
that it was incredibly blissful,
because even now
you feel that bliss.

You know you just
entered something miraculous
and that your life has changed forever
but what that miracle was
is beyond understanding.

And that is where
meditation really begins.
It begins where
understanding stops.

It takes over
when you have surrendered the idea
that anything could ever
truly be understood.



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