Enlightenment: Freedom from Understanding

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"If you expect something
in meditation
then you are expecting too much.

When you are ready to fall into
this moment
regardless of the outcome.

Because you have exhausted
the urge to be something,
to attain something
to change something
to improve yourself
or your world.

When you give up
trying to get it
and accept this chaotic mess
that you find yourself to be,
then meditation
embraces you;
meditation takes over.

You enter a whole new experience
of what is real.

Devoid of stress and conflict
where everything that arises
burns blissfully away
in consciousness.

This is true peace.

It does require effort
to realize such peace.

To try and be effortless
without any effort
can often just lead
to laziness and depression.

But when you give it your all,
when you dive deep into
your spiritual practice
and commit to that,

at some point in frustration
you give up
and fall into this moment.

You fall
and you never stop falling
until you see there is nothing
there that is falling.

There is just consciousness.

Then it all makes sense.

It makes sense because
understanding has fallen away
and that is a wonderful freedom.



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It is really wonderful! But

It is really wonderful!
But how to experience and attain that moment....
It touches the inner truth....but need exploration~~~~~

Thanks for the teaching!!! blessings!

bonya basu | Fri, 09/10/2010 - 05:36