Enlightenment: Freedom From Position

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"The moment you have a position,
there is conflict.

The moment you know something
you have to defend it.

We believe we know so much
but the truth is if we really look
we know nothing.

And because we are afraid
to know nothing
we give things names and definitions
and explanations
which can always be argued to
be true or untrue.

And there is nothing wrong with this.
It is the nature of the mind.

But those who can experience
this moment
in the acceptance
of not knowing anything,
in not having a position
experience unconditional peace.

Unconditional peace
is not a state or a position.

It is positionless
and infinite.

It cannot be grasped
by the mind
yet it is the essence
of the mind.

It is the backdrop and essence
of everything that arises
and disappears.

The only reason
you may not be aware of it
is because you have taken a position
in what is happening
on top of it.



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