Enlightenment & The Path of Shakti

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"If you really are interested
in spiritual awakening
and you want to live in bliss,
then half of the journey is awakening
the shakti:
the subtle energy current
that runs through your body
and beyond the body.

You sit with
a fully enlightened teacher
or you listen to
The Infinite Sky CDs
or The Calling CDs
and Shakti is awakened
in you.

The other half is attention.

You begin to feel this shakti
as bliss, peace or love
and you give your attention to it.

You become aware of its
movement and through awareness
you allow it to move freely
through your body
and awaken every particle
of your being.

It's a very simple process,
but it comes down
to what you value.

If you value bliss,
if you value unconditional love
then you give your full attention to it,
and you nurture it.

But if you value other things,
if you place importance
on your opinions,
the content of your thinking
or outward fear and pleasure
then this bliss cannot
touch you as much.

It still touches you,
but not as deeply.
Still, slowly, it makes itself known
more and more
calling for your attention.

And little by little
you give up your distractions,
your worries, your self importance
and self destructive tendencies
for the peace
that permeates everything.

Because it makes you feel alive
in a way nothing else can.

You begin to adjust your life
around nurturing this bliss,
from the food you eat,
the activities you do,
to the company you keep.

And then this bliss begins
to appear in all aspects of life.

You walk in bliss,
you talk in bliss,
you work in bliss.

Bliss no longer becomes
something you have,
rather bliss simply is,
radiating without cause or reason.

You become so transparent
that there is only light.



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Thank you....

Beautiful! simply beautiful!!
Blissful Thoughts.....!It created a sensation in a BODY...and affects MIND....then leads to SOUL!!!

Thank you.

bonya basu | Wed, 06/29/2011 - 09:42