Enlightenment & The Nature of Shakti

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"You cannot bring
anything into this moment.

You try and bring
anything into this moment,
you will miss it.

This moment is so tiny
that you cannot even fit into

this moment.

You can only dissolve in it.

Yet this moment is

so vast,
that everything
arises out of it.

You and all of your
thoughts, emotions and physicality
and everything else

arises out of it
without ever being separate from it.

Everything arises
and is burned away
in the Shakti energy
that is this moment.

You allow it to arise
and to be burned away.

If there is nothing there of you
except the allowing,
then you are everything,
you are Shakti itself.

The dreams arise in Shakti
and the content
of those dreams
dissolve back into Shakti.

Everything arises out of Shakti
and disappears back into Shakti,
resting back into its natural state.

If your attention is fully grounded
in feeling Shakti,
if you fully realize the flow of energy

that is the essence of life,
then the underlying feeling of
all experience is infinite peace.

It cannot be otherwise.

If the salt
has realized the ocean,
it does not fear the water,
it happily dissolves in it.

It knows that is
the greatest joy.

To be salt and salt water
and see no barrier
between the two:
that is enlightenment.



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Your posts are like a Chocolate....after eating ONE you feel like to eat another...another...another......

I like..."Entering the moment and charged with vast field of ENERGY.....

bonya basu | Sat, 05/19/2012 - 04:37