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The idea of Enlightenment may be a myth as all ideas are. The fact is that there is a particular way of thinking (consciousness) that is shared by all living in society at large and the question then is whether there is possibility of another way of looking at life. Another way of looking at life is neither an idea nor something that one acquires at the end of a difficult struggle. It’s also not something that is a modification and therefore a continuation of our present ways of thought, values and action. Any verbal answer by another can be nothing other than an idea and therefore not a fact to the one looking for a way out of the prison of conditioned thinking.

In looking and seeking, experimenting and listening, making effort and letting go, in thick and thin of daily life one could discover for oneself something that is not an idea but a fact, insignificant though it may be for it is better than tons of significant quotes.

To conform is to continue to think on old lines but to discover something new leaves no doubt and consequently Enlightenment is not seen as an idea.