Enlightening the life - 3


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The essence of life in every one is the divine Principle, ageless, birth-less, deathless and changeless. It is not a succession of birth, growth, decay and death. The divine life should manifest in the soul of one and all.

The real Self in you is anywhere and consequently everywhere. The fact of Its immanence is the sure foundation of Its omnipresence. Yet Its eternal nature is transcendental. In truth, the Self is Self, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and transcendent.

Become conscious of the Divine Presence shining forth from every face. Intellect shrivels before Its immensity and infinity. When the intellectual muddle is done away with, we then become aware that we stand in Eternity. Then the meaning of Divinity dawns as a living Reality within ourselves. This is the Truth that is behind all other truths.

Enter thus into the actual experience of the One without a second. It is the only Experience beyond the trio ------- experiencer, experience and experienced. It is the very Centre of man, bird and beast.

Thoughts and words are not used and there is no ego or agent in the spiritual realm. The human mind is merely a period of silence. A thought is a noise before the Silence of the Self. The Self is supra-mundane and supra-mental. It includes and transcends all forms of consciousness. It is the enlightenment of the life.