Enlightening the life - 2


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Learning the art of the Self is a great lesson, certainly. It seems apparently individualistic and material, but Its true nature is universal and immortal.

Be not misled by the incessant raucous glamour of the material world and fear-engendering reports of war, crimes, and scandal emblazoned across the pages of newspapers, radio broadcasts, television telecasts and internet.

Be not condemned by yourself by your unthinking and perverted use of pronoun "I". Be not influenced by the flood of negative viewpoints making for the undesirable condition of discouragement or despair.

Look through the eyes of divine truth, you see yourself as you really are. Every one is born with a holy mission to fulfill. No human being is a do-nothing but has a task and a destination, the hows and whys of which he may not be in the know for the present, being under delusion of misunderstanding from his limited point of view.

Jesus Christ said: "If any one would come after me, let him deny himself." Sri Ramana said: "For, your glory lies where you cease to exist."

This is a away of growing into the supreme consciousness of the Whole. This is a way to unfold within us the basic principle of our very Existence.

Here the true Silence is touched in Perfection, of course, not as something inert, passive or blank, but as the sublime, solemn and solid Truth of our very Self Supreme. It is indeed the Reality, the Centre of all Being.

Such Divine Nature which is nothing short of Self-realization, gives real meaning, significance, harmony, radiance and beauty of service unto the outer life.

Victory to All Pervading Consciousness Mother the Kundalini