Enlightening the life - 1


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Enlightenment is the culture of spiritual illumination to which religions are spoken as methodology spread mostly in all countries. Each country has at least one or more than one religions and people of the country follow these religions from the core of their hearts. General meaning of enlightenment is the illumination of the soul to which some spiritualists speak self-realization, blessings of Almighty, divine knowledge, self-identity, grace of the God etc. This may vary a little or much from nation to nation as per their treats and habits and also according to their ways of living but prime stuff of these all religions is the same form the point of view philosophical understanding and Godhead.

All over the world religions became the reasons of many, many wars due to their contrasts but in modern world this inherited element religious contrasts has loosened in humanity on account of the understanding developed through science. Let us accept science for true explanation of religions and it is the science which can reach at final harmony for the religions of the whole world and also science is progressing to integrate all religions of the world.

At the beginning of any religion main purpose of the religion is to do immense good to mankind for soul-realization, God-realization or to say that is self-realization. Each religion is treated as spiritual path to follow to reach God or to establish oneself in its actual self; shown as path to people by the founders of the respective religion. Rules and regulations, principles and other code of conducts are made for the public to follow at the time of beginning of religion and in reality these are framed in many religions by the founders of respective religions. At the starting point of time these are very good rules and regulations seem also good, very nice for the welfare of public but as far as time goes these get many amendments by the chief followers/controllers of religions on account of which its reality suppressed and orthodoxy and odd crafts take place in religion and it is crammed into some selfish material invented by the chiefs of the religion at that time and real virtue of the religion is lost and we see due to this reason many, many unreasonable, contrary to the starting rules and regulations cramped in religions and it has stalemated religions; so argumentatively modern, thoughtful society keep themselves away from religions but at the time of distress when everywhere is gloom and darkness to them they are automatically attracted to their religions as seeking the last solace as well as source. Many times these gloomy, distressed persons are cheated by the contractors of religions (wickedness of false saints, sages, religious guides) and they become so despair that they are again forced to leave aside their religions as a great cheat.

At Thy Holy Feet Mother Kundalini,
Nidhi Parkash