The enigmatic sense of 'I Am'

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The sense of 'I Am' is your natural sense, you just may not be aware of it.

It's your distilled sense of being without the additions of body, mind, this world.

It's not the negation of the body, mind, this world. You may still be aware of them while you are aware of your sense of 'I Am'.

It's just the feeling of existence without attaching it to anything. Pure sense of existence.

It is a dimensionless point within.

It is so simple and yet so surprisingly powerful.

Stick to it firmly but delicately with no trace of effort, with no expectation, and most importantly, with no commentaries and verbalizations of any kind.

Remember, it is the simplest thing you ever been asked to observe. Don't look for something complicated and far reaching. And yet, its value is enormous, given you do not develop any kind of expectation whatsoever.

Anything further will just spoil.

Just go and do it, do not think about it, do not contemplate, do not build ideologies and theories. Just go and stick to this sense of 'I Am'. Just do it and you will not regret.

And remember the two golden rules: no effort and no expectations.

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Great depiction!

Great genuine depiction of 'I Am'. It is clear from your words that you are well tuned.

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