Energy & Consiousness

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If we study ourselves we can see and distinguish the two aspects very clearly. One is the Energy aspect and the other being the aspect of 'Consciousness'. Now the question is are they two distinct aspects or related to each other and if yes, what is there relation?

First lets take the energy we get from food. This energy is transmitted in living organisms. It would not happen if the organism was to die. So a 'Consciousness' is necessary which is associated with all life forms.

Let us now proceed to consider sensory stimulus which gives the ability of more complex functions like motion etc. The life forms who have these have a developed 'Consciousness' of their surroundings and are able to respond to changes.

The higher life forms have something that could be called emotive energy which is associated with preferences or likes and dislikes and an aggressive response to defend self interest. These adventures may not be directly linked to survival needs. The 'Consciousness' in these cases could be said to be more developed.

Now in our own case there is thought energy and its capability of performing complex functions showing a higher degree of 'Consciousness'.

I wish to therefore propose that its erroneous to think of 'Consciousness' and 'Energy' as two distinct things but two aspects of ONE. Increase of one would correspond to the increase in other. Overall development of Energy/ or 'Consciousness' could therefore be our goal.