Energetic imbalance

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The whole problem originates at a deeper layer in mind. We could call this an energetic imbalance. Hence, any attempt to do corrections at the surface yields no return. All serious traditions attempt to address this issue viz how to reach the deeper layers. The surface personality acts as a shield protecting the inner from outer shocks and in the bargain does not allow any influence which might be favourable for growth of inner, to reach it. To be vulnerable is not easy and requires fair degree of maturity.

To reach the inner the outer must lower its guard at least some times in (say) safe environments. I think a good householder’s life provides such a platform but it does not come ready made. It has to be built on trust and mutual affection. Awareness too is capable of reaching the deeper recess once the mind has slowed down, Outer life of hectic engagements is hardly suitable a climate for the mind to slow down. With deliberate intent one must cut down ones superficial engagements and choose more meaningful and deeper encounters with life.

With vulnerability, tact and active intent one can successfully outgrow the requirement to hide behind the protective shield and begin to face life head on. The only word of caution is that often it gets worse before it gets better.