Ending of time

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Ending of time is the ending of all problems. This may seem a little enigmatic and to add to it I would say that time and space go together. To clarify I do not mean physical time and space but psychological. This by corollary means that psychological time and space are opposite of vestigial organ but very much like them they can be dispensed with. Real life situations could be dealt with in a much better manner if we do not fall into the trap of psychological time and space. The famous poet saint Kabir had the following to say:

Tomorrow's work, do today; today's work, do now
Life will end in a moment; when will you do it, how

Let us now take the case of worry and see how its cause is misuse of psychological time. When we are faced with a fact which demands immediate action (no time in between) there is no thought as worry. Worry comes up the moment we move away from fact and postpone action.

An active life and facing facts rather than escaping through time (useless thinking) is the way to end psychological time.