Emotions, Thinking & Observation

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For a lot of people the traditional ways seem to be inadequate. The myths and theistic interpretation seem to go against the known scientific approach. How is such a person to start?

The starting should always be to delve into some deep personal concern. It could be a burning question or some problem that one is confronted with. Often the approach is theoretical without an emotional content or something that is not vitally important to oneself. An intellectual dissection always confounds the problem. The example of donkey is given for such a person for even if it was to carry a load of books it would remain clueless. This brings us to what it means to understand? Is there a difference between intellectual comprehension and Understanding?

Thinking may be an important function but it has no place in spiritual life. Rather the understanding of the limitations of thought may be a window to the spiritual way.
Understanding has the capacity to transform. The process of Understanding varies from person to person.

Understanding comes from insight into personal experience. Observation is a scientific tool which has to be applied to the inner world (as against the outer which is the concern of scientist). This needs observation of oneself in daily life and more importantly to study oneself. The study of one’s physical, emotional and verbal or nonverbal reactions may be the way.

Emotions are the key and true spiritual life begins when we begin to understand our emotional involvement and identifications. It is not that we are identified with some things which we call conditioning, but the sate of identification is always there though the objects vary.

In short I am my Identifications and the things on which I invest (emotions). This I need to Observe and Study.