Emotions seducing with promises of perfection

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I feel "good" today and I briefly believed that this meant I've gotten through the Darkness and will never experience it again. But I've felt bad the last 2 weeks and trusted that too. I am going through the Abyss and the Heights all at once and hope there is true freedom at the end. I want to fear neither Life nor Death and that's where I'm nearing more and more each moment. I bow my head in (not-so) quiet Gratitude.

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A magic called surrender

Hey Kikival, one of the most remarkable things I learnt on the spiritual path and through this website was that freedom is not only at the end when darkness is gone but can be right now while there is still darkness and pain, that the suffering is not due to the darkness and pain but rather because of my resistance to it. It sounds strange and theoretical but it works like a charm. There can be pain (physical or mental) and once I accept it fully, once I surrender to it, once I drop my resistance to it, once I'm willing to live side by side with it, the magic suddenly happens: there is still pain and I'm not suffering, it is like pain of someone else.

At first it is a bit difficult to try this acceptance. There is a great fear that the pain and darkness will overwhelm me, that I will find myself unable to escape, that me dropping the resistance will empower the pain and let it running loose and I will be trapped in a complete hell, but when you try it, you find out that actually you become indifferent to and independant of that pain, darkness may still be there, the pain may still be there, but it doesn't affect you.

These are some texts that describe this so simple fact better than me:


Tania | Tue, 05/28/2013 - 07:15