Emotional Transmutation As Explained by Gurdjieff in “Beezlebub’s Tales” Part 2.

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Transmutation of the negative emotions- Step by Step:

First step: We must recognize our desires and sufferings – Negative forces (Holy –Denying). During one’s day, every man experiences impulses of desires and suffering. As said by Gurdjieff, the cause of such impulses is our planetary body. I would give the simplest explanation: it’s the instinctive part of our physical body, which is conservative, and manifests instincts, urges, wishes…this is the product of our egoism and false personality. This is the Negative force in ourselves. When we recognize such manifestations in our daily life, we must name it as it appears. The observation in the third person is a perfect tool for this practice: i.e. I feel anxious and I name that impulse in the third person as: “Andrea feels anxious”; when I feel a sexual impulse, I say: “Andrea feels a sexual impulse”. To deal with this practice, we must feel the expression of this impulse in our body to recognize its characteristics. Then, do not express them again in the future.
Second step: The best thing we can do to apply the Positive force is to accept it as a necessary aspect of the Laws that manage the Universe (this is very simple to do even for beginners on this path).
Another way is to direct the emotional energy into another activity (this is what I call administration of emotions). We can accept and bear such suffering until its cessation, or use an affirmation and repeat it while sensing a determinate part of our body.
Third step: We must understand that both Positive and Negative force have a charge of energy. The Negative force is fed by our mechanical habits and behaviors, and the Positive force by Conscious Labor and our will to change. Those two forces must be balanced. If our conscious labor is not strong enough and serious enough, the negative force will dominate the energy and use all the positive energy of our labor to be transformed into more suffering, depending on the degree of our efforts- more effort, more energy.
If Conscious Labor is strong enough to overcome the Negative force, this imbalance will be productive for us. In fact, the Neutral force will gravitate towards the center of gravity of our highest bodies and build them.

The Power of Affirmations

As written above, the affirmations can be a very important tool for the transmutation of the emotional energies. In this case, the affirmations must always be intentional and accompanied by the practice of Sensing. There are many kinds of affirmations: prayers, pondering, aphorisms...the only important condition is that it should acknowledge and accept the impulse of suffering or desire. Although much of our suffering is mechanical, it can be eliminated or reduced by abandoning egoism and Self-Importance on which they are based. The affirmation must be a conscious practice, because otherwise , we will experience useless stress and a great loss of energy. So, remember the “recipe” for useful labor is using the practice of affirmation with equally energetic intensity to the energetic degree of suffering.
Ten Examples of Affirmation
1. Relax the face, Sense the feet, Sense the hands, Sense the back of the head, Sense the little finger of the right hand and the big toe of the left foot, and each time say: “I wish, I Can, I am”
2. When you become aware of some mechanical feeling, generate intentionally love of being present (feel your presence) and affirm at the same time “I am”, sensing the reverberation on your solar plexus.
3. Watch the breath affirming on every out breath: “Calm Down”
4. Repeating the prayer: Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, Holy Reconciling, Transubstantiate in me for my Being, while remembering your parents, grandparents, and beyond and lastly remember co-seekers.
5. When you feel an annoyance with the task you have to do (at work, washing dishes, etc.), stop this sensation intentionally by chanting an Inner Prayer.
6. Feel intensely connectedness and love with those whom we think are the cause of our suffering.
7. Affirm any kind of suffering by saying: “I welcome this sense of frustration”, “I welcome this envy”, “I welcome this sadness”…
8. Sense your feet and ask: “Why must I suffer?”
9. Affirm by putting attention to the seed of Being in your solar plexus area to help it to grow.
10. When faced with the irritation of too much to do, look around and realize life’s impermanence. See the fleeting nature of achievement. See the hidden reality around you.

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Negative Emptions & Personality

To begin with I must caution readers that I have had no contact in flesh with Gurdjieff groups but an year of interaction in Gurdjieff forum from which I was expelled (for wiseacering ?). Nevertheless, as India has something of a copyright as far as Philosophy is concerned (according to Gurdjieff), I would try to put forward my understanding to have greater clarity and it may benefit those who are familiar or want to understand teachings of Gurdjieff called the fourth way.

Negative emotions are not the outcome of Holy Denying as together with the Holy Affirming & Holy reconciling, the three are found in the first cosmos alone. In the first cosmos they work in concord (in harmony). During decent mechanical part is gradually added on to the the forces and they work independently and opposing each other in accordance with law of three and law of seven. The ray of creation is said to be of Seven Cosmoses in succession. Negative emotions are said to reside in Personality, which is accquired, by us in the process of growing up. Our planetary (physical) body is a result of denying force and the other two forces are crystallised only as a result of Conscious labour and Intentional suffering which is equalent to the abhaysa and vairagya in the Yoga system of Patanjali.

In fact there is no center for negative emotions and their locus is always outside. The best way to start on purifications is by not expressing them or initially just to be conscious how we can't help but express them. Not expressing is a good injunction for it helps in Observation of negative emotions. Imagination also fuels negative emotions and one of the first things to realise is that human beings cannot Do but things happen in the same way as rain falls or wind blows. In our state of sleep we impute Doing to the ego or conglomeration of small i which are grouped together in distinct bunches ( though interrelated)and give a false sense of a permanent Self.

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