Emotional Transmutation As Explained by Gurdjieff in “Beezlebub’s Tales” Part 1.

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Working with the emotions is one of the most important phases of the work on ourselves. As those who have studied seriously the philosophy of esoteric Christianity knows, emotions are related to water, and this meaning is also called the “Realm of Water”. Water is as the emotions in constant motion, sensitive to constant changes. Everyone who has some experience with navigation knows what kind of “surprises” he can expect from the sea. So, the emotions, like the sea, can’t be controlled, but as a good and experienced mariner can travel through the sea in every kind of condition, the experienced seeker can deal with the emotions and even administer them. This kind of administration gives him the possibility to transmute the unhealthy emotions to healthy. The seeker, then becomes a “walker on the sea”, a possibility symbolized in the Gospels by Jesus walking through the Sea of Galilee.
So, as all the real Masters of Wisdom, Gurdjieff gave his alchemical solution in his “Beelzebub’s Tales…”: the Holy Equation is the basis of all Inner Work. This formula is based on the Law of Three, and Gurdjieff made many references about this process in his book.
As Gurdjieff wrote:
“…every wish of the planetary body is taken as undesirable for their higher divine part which has to be coated and perfected, and therefore all three-centered beings of our Great Megaloscosmos constantly carry on a relentless struggle against the wishes of their planetary bodies so that there should be formed in them, in this struggle from the what is called “Disputekrialnian-friction”, those sacred crystallization from which their higher Divine being-part arises and is perfected in them”.
“In this constant struggle of theirs, the equilibrating harmonizing principle is their second being-body, which in their own individual law of Triamazikamno represents the neutralizing source; and therefore this second being-part always remains indifferent to their mechanical manifestations, but for all their active manifestations it always tends according to the second-grade cosmic law “Urdekhplifata” to unite with those desires of which there are more whether in one or the other of the two mentioned opposite being-parts”.
This is the Holy Equation as given by Mr. Gurdjieff:
Transubstantiate in me,
For my Being.”

An explanation is necessary: the Holy Denying represents the manifestations of all our mechanical dynamics, such as our habits, thought, feelings, and behaviors. It is the Negative force of the Law of Three. To overcome this force, we must accept consciously those self-traits and struggle to observe them as objectively as possible (self-observation). This produces the Positive force, the wish to change, that in Gurdjieff’s formula is “Holy Affirmation”. So, we recognize our mechanical reaction by self-observation, then we must apply the positive force as conscious effort (Holy Affirmation), and this leads to a Transmutation of those unhealthy behaviors: this is the “Holy Reconciliation”.