Emotion in the Search beyond "I AM"

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Ramana Maharshi recommended exploring "Who am I?" Nisargadatta advised the earnest examination of the "I AM".

But this only leads to the "I". This is a comfortable place. It is a place, where anyone, with proper diligence (earnestness!), can find rest. It gives "one" an intellectual sense of who "one" is, but it is only the first step to Oneness.

The mind can only go as far as the "I AM". All else is speculation based on memory or imagination. How then to go beyond?

The mind, in Advaita circles, has often become the "devil". It lies in wait to catch hold of spiritual experiences, insights, and to confuse and falsely "entertain" itself. This, almost bestowing intent on the mind, paints an erroneous picture. The mind is often portrayed as "protecting" itself from extinction. This to, is giving "motive' to the mind which simply does not exist. The body, the mind, the emotions, are all part of the functioning of the whole. All have their purpose, and require acceptance. But the mind is the tool of choice for the Advaitin, even though it is often held in suspicion or downright comtempt.

Most Advaitins, as well as most people, see the emotions as part of the mind. Some see them as body sensations caused by particular thoughts in the mind. Others think the thoughts arise out of certain body sensations. Clearly the mind and body are intimately linked, but ultimately, it's all linked, so this is no answer.

The emotions are only reflections, like everything in "my" world. But Love does not live in the mind.

The emotions all stem from Love. Now, here I am not speaking of love; the emotion, but the impersonal Love. Here again, we have the semantics problem. We all have our "attachments" to the word love. Here I am talking about agape, in it's fullness. David Jenkins, former Bishop of Durham, prior to his election as Bishop, gave a lecture in which he gave a wonderful description of agape. He described God as having so much compassion; so identifying with man, that he "became" one (Jesus) in order to manifest Love (Christ). In the Christian sense, this is the humbling of God to bring compassion to the Cosmos. But it also demonstrates the creative power of Love as "essence" (The Absolute)

The emotions are often looked at as distractions to spirituality, both in the East and in the West. But they are there, and trying to eradicate them, only makes them stronger. Ignoring or suppressing them also is useless and dangerous.

So here, we have more to look at. Emotions. Let them move through. See how the mind reacts. See what the mind creates. Watch the emotions but don't "own" them. They can teach you something, so don't ignore them, but they are not "you". They are just the "emotion track" of the "movie" you "live" in. Love, as creative power, does not exist in the mind, but the mind in it. However, the reflections, the lesser emotions do.

The "lesser" emotions: hate, fear, lust, anger, desire and so on, as well as some of the "better" emotions like joy, peace, contentment, surprise, pleasant expectation, are all just refractions, reflections, and distortions of the impersonal Love. Love, not the noun we set in our mind and try to define and dissect, but Love as verb. Love in action. Love as connection. This Love is the essence; the Absolute if you will.

These "emotions" are part of the whole when it comes to realizing the Truth. Studying these emotions, with dispassion, will get you closer to the source. We all know, even the most cynical among us, the Truth is outside the reaches of the mind. So we must seek elsewhere.

When you "feel" something, rather than dismissing it, ignoring it, or using the mind to "block" it, open your "heart"(don't like that word. More in another blog!) to it. Remove the "subject" and "object" and remain in the "verb". As you examine the "functioning" of the emotion, it's relationship to love, or it's lack thereof, will become apparent. When you do this with Love, as creative power, you find that you are nothing less than that indescribable movement.

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"I" and Manifestation

>>>But this only leads to the "I". This is a comfortable place. It is a place, where anyone, with proper diligence (earnestness!), can find rest. It gives "one" an intellectual sense of who "one" is, but it is only the first step to Oneness.<<<

It only does that for those who view the "I am" as an intellectual concept to be comprehended and transcended. The "I am" is such a precious treasure to be had for those seeking truth. There are reasons the Realized want you to focus on it rather than transcend it intellectually.

The "I" is not a concept. Even though it is also said to be an illusion in the end as well, it is illusion only from "That" which the realized found their true "Source"(quotations because those words are still only concepts)

Ramana has some valuable words concerning this to those who may ever find themselves as the witness of this.

Maharshi: Sphurana is felt on several occasions, such as in fear, excitement, etc. Although it is always and all over, yet it is felt at a particular centre and on particular occasions. It is also associated with antecedent causes and confounded with the body.

Whereas, it is all alone and pure; it is the Self.

If the mind be fixed on the sphurana and one senses it continuously and automatically it is realisation.
Again sphurana is the foretaste of Realisation. It is pure. The subject and object proceed from it. If the man mistakes himself for the subject, objects must necessarily appear different from him. They are periodically withdrawn and projected, creating the world and the subject’s enjoyment of the same.

If, on the other hand, the man feels himself to be the screen on which the subject and object are projected there can be no confusion, and he can remain watching their appearance and disappearance without any perturbation to the Self.

Sphurana or "manifestation" is equivalent to Nisargadatta's "Witness".

I like the talk of Love. If you enjoy Christian mysticism, you might like these words on Love by Jacob Boehme if you haven't read him yet. They're still some of my favorite words. You can replace the word "love" with "Self" and it makes just as much sense.


B-friend | Fri, 07/09/2010 - 23:31
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More than Intellectual

Namaste B-friend,

"There are reasons the Realized want you to focus on it rather than transcend it intellectually."

I was not writing about transcending "it" intellectually, which I am not sure would be possible without a lot of "mind stuff". I mean to come to the realization of the I AM as being.

Realizing the I AM is truly a "precious treasure". But going beyond requires that trust to seek what Jesus called the "Pearl of Great Price". The I AM, wonderful awareness as it is, is not the "Pearl".

I agree that staying in a practice that quiets the mind is good for early seekers, and seeking the I AM is food for the more "advanced". But "earnestness" leads. And compassion "answers".

The "beyond" I speak of, is to follow the "heart"(that word again!). I have no way to explain Love, as I have experienced it, so I will not try at this time, but I know my substance is that alive, creative, changeless/ever changing Love. The world I see is the same world you see, only I see the "aliveness" of connections, movements of spirit. Love is as real as the air. How could it be less?

Thank you for explaining "Sphurana". I was not familiar with that word. I am not as educated as some, particularly in Eastern philosophy/religion. My study, meditation, and "life training" took place in the Christian Church. I was co-founder of "The Community of the Living Sacrifice", an Anglican Religious Community begun in Lincoln, England. We worked with Ex Prisoners, and people being released from the local Psychiatric facility. I learned compassion first hand,
and saw Love heal in unexpected ways. I have every confidence in it!

Thanks for the information about Jacob Boehme. I had not heard of him until this forum. I have read some of the things posted here. He is very good. I have to admit a prejudice for the author of "The Cloud of Unknowing". It is the book that started me on the last of my spiritual journey. I wrote a blog on it last week. I was surprised no one had put up anything about it before.


Ahimsananda | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 01:25
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Verb, not noun

Namaste B-friend,

Sorry, don't mean to go on, but I forgot to reply to an important point:

"You can replace the word "love" with "self" and it makes just as much sense."

The words indeed get in the way. But these words are not equivalent. "Self" is a noun, a "thing". "Love", as I experience it, is a "verb", an action, or being. There is creation going on all the time. Timeless energy, not static "nouns".

We need to stop seeking a "self" that is in the mind; static and changeless. Be open to the circus parade streaming before us, that is us. This is why it is important to have a quiet mind, so that none of the meaning of the show is lost.


Ahimsananda | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 13:59
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noun, verbs, or just adjectives

Well you can keep playing with verbs and nouns. That is only semantics which still keeps one "in the mind". Semantics don't clarify anything for one seeking to know Self..or Love...or Spirit..or Whatever. Call it what ever you want. The realized use the word Self as a reference. I see no problems with that. Why would I want to? Words will always be only a "reference". I think many understand this already.

What you refer to in many of your talks is the experience of "Pure Consciousness", which will be known as the "I". It's attributes are innumerous and are experienced profoundly in many ways. That which stands behind Consciousness, or the one-ness of Soul, is what is pointed at as Realization. That is the Stillness beyond the dynamic or the static that the Realized spoke of.

B-friend | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 15:40
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how to get rid of the black magic

how to protect myself from a sadist guru, when I experience day in day out of his sadness of guru, note he himself has stated in books, that his nature is of that sort. I m talking about the so called guru shri parthasarthy rajagopala chari of sahaj marg system. He finds a place in this blog as well to my surprise. All other disciples split part their ways telling that he is misusing the things and diverted from the main goal. So how to escape from black magic in short of guru. Can u plz show me the path or guide who can take me out of this newsense.

RAJAvsraj | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 17:55
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Black Magic is in the Mind only

Namaste RAJAsraj,

I am not quite sure why you came to me with this. But you are welcome.

Black Magic is of the mind. A True Guru is Love personified. His every movement is for your good, and the good of mankind.

He may cause you a dis-quite mind at times, but his unfolding is in harmony with your's. If you fear "your" guru, black magic or otherwise, there is no Love between you and he is not your guru.

Meditate on your relationship with your guru, and if you find no love there, no respect, then seek those things in one who is Love personified. There must be complete trust and love.


Ahimsananda | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 20:09
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Please refer to this link,

Please refer to this link, http://www.scribd.com/doc/23717911/Subject-Fwd-Whispers-Volume-3-a-Third...
Observe carefully where he categorically states that these words Obey and get; don’t obey and suffer.
I m least bothered about all these things unless they are effecting me. But after facing turmoil for 5 years almost because of his black magic, i think it is time to approach others who can offer me guidance, to come out of the tangle
There are ample instances, but unfortunately cannot be found on the web. He states that he is not like his own guru and uses all the means to torture followers who are not in the track. I dont know what makes him think good of them at 1 point and suddenly becomes aganist disciples and uses his supernatural powers and starts black magic on them.
Well all senior people and other of the system are fighting
aganist chariji, that he has deviated from the track of path to god. My only question is how to escape from banamathi of chariji.

RAJAvsraj | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 20:54
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The power of magic is in the mind.

Namaste RAJAvsraj,

The power of magic requires belief. I understand that some unfortunate circumstances over the past years may have convinced you that his magic is real, but without love, nothing can be done or made manifest.

Abide in Love. Trust the Absolute with devotion. None can harm you.

Escape by not allowing him a place in your heart, mind or soul. Fill the heart, mind and soul with the love of being, and there will be no room for his "magic".


Ahimsananda | Sat, 07/10/2010 - 21:18
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I cannot provide any evidence for banamanthi

I cannot provide any evidence for banamanthi but he also can say the same thing and will tell I dont know, but atleaset some one should not be made scape goat of arrogance of shri chariji once again. what i m going through should not be on any other human being. He is busy with his grand celebration of 85 th birthday celebrations.

RAJAvsraj | Sun, 07/11/2010 - 00:19
RAJAvsraj | Sun, 07/11/2010 - 00:14