emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening by Master Chrism<> Part 2

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6) Eat watermelon. Stay hydrated with pure non-distilled spring or artesian water.

7) Take the phenomena seriously and without fear. It is not the imagination of the individual. It is real regardless of validation by other people. It is a teaching of transformation that is being given. It is best not to try to educate one’s family members or loved ones who may witness the phenomena associated with Kundalini if it is determined they are not able to understand, comprehend, or in some way become at ease with the viability and existence of the Kundalini as it expresses in a person. For example involuntary movements of the body known in the Sanskrit language as a kriya is caused by a Kundalini expression upon the body. These phenomena will induce the physical body to torque and twist and hold various yoga positions without the control of the person experiencing them. The Kundalini will control this upon and within the person. The individual person has no choice in this part of the transformation. A family member or loved one may not be able to understand this so great care must be given to avoid having emergency personnel dispatched in response to Kundalini expressing as a kriya. Kriyas can resemble various seizures in various levels of amplitude. They are normal and healthy and not to be understood as an emergency. This is only one example of the many examples that can be experienced from a Kundalini awakening.

8) Surrender completely to the force of the Kundalini. Do not resist in any way its interaction and transformation upon the body. (Physical body, psychological body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body). Kundalini is a vertical experience. Many aspects of all five bodies will be expressed simultaneously. Do not fear this transformation. The human body is wired for Kundalini. It is a natural human expression and can be embraced with love and joy in its exaltation of the human condition.

9) Follow the feelings and impulses and dream teachings of the Kundalini. These will often come to a person in symbols rather than phrases, but not excluding phrases. Even if one has not sought the Kundalini experience for whatever reason the experience has found them. These protocols are for them and for those who seek this experience. Spiritual visitation by divine personage may be experienced. Out of body or astral projection may be experienced. Waking visions may be experienced. These are all normal experiences attributed to the awakening Kundalini expression.

10) Begin to initiate love based activities of consideration for self, others, society and environment in ways and actions that produce feelings of euphoria, bliss and love.