Emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening by Master Chrism<> Part 1

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Emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening

1) If you know it is Kundalini do not see a medical doctor or psychiatrist unless you know that they understand. Risk of involuntary incarceration in a psychiatric facility can be the result if trust is given to a physician or health care practitioner ignorant of Kundalini. Adopt the following physical body placements: tongue tip behind the upper front teeth as much as possible, fore finger tip and thumb tip joined as much as possible on both hands.

2) Stop all energetic generative practices. IE. Meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi, chi gung, reiki, energetic healing, mediumship practices, 5 Tibetans, martial arts, sacred dance, chanting, ritual drumming, religious devotion, ingestion of entheogenic plants (light bearing), recreational drugs and alcohol and other generative practices not listed unless the non-chemical practice is being suggested or compelled by the Kundalini. Sexual excitation may become extreme. Understand this is all part of Kundalini transformation and the hyper expression and hypo expression of the libido can occur- nothing is wrong.

3) Believe or help another person believe that what they are experiencing is real, because it is. Enlargement of certain major organs may occur. Kidneys may increase in size by one third and temporarily extend beyond the belt line. Adrenal glands situated on top of the kidneys may also hyper and hypo express adrenaline (fight or flee hormone) in to the blood stream causing artificial Kundalini induced anxiety, paranoia, fear, and physical tension. Cardiac hyper and hypo fibrillation or increased and decreased heart rhythms are also normal and not to be confused with cardiac emergency. Body temperatures may rise to extremes with and without mechanical temperature mechanisms able to record and substantiate these temperature fluctuations. These are to be understood as part of the transformation being given for the many individual bodies that make up the physical body from the Kundalini. These changes are not permanent merely temporary and they are not to be resisted through fear or allopathic chemical intervention (pharmaceutical drugs). These phenomena will subside as resistance is eliminated and acceptance of the Kundalini is consciously expressed. All systems of the physical body will undergo specific modulations and permutations of transformation. Nothing is left out. Emotional mood swings are normal. Mental acuity and mental dullness are normal. Psychological resistance and fear is normal yet needs to be controlled as much as possible. Spiritual visitation and communication (visions, voices, lights) are normal and not to be relegated to the imagination.

4) Refer the individual or self to The Safeties protocols. There are versions available in Microsoft Word format or in Adobe PDF format. In addition to these there are also other language versions available for download.

5) Discontinue any ingestion of any caffeine containing products in any amount. IE. Coffee, tea (black tea), cola, any caffeine containing sugar beverage, chocolate, yerba mate and medications that contain caffeine. In addition discontinue consuming artificial sweeteners or heavily processed sweeteners such as NutraSweet and high fructose corn syrup, processed white sugar, and processed white flour. Follow the dietary compulsion, no matter how strange or inappropriate to the ego, that is provided by the Kundalini consciousness within. For example if one is a vegetarian and they are compelled to eat meat, they need to eat meat. To do otherwise is as a resistance to the Kundalini and problems will ensue due to this resistance. If one is more carnivorous then vegetarian and one is compelled to only eat vegetables and fruits this must also be done for the same reasons.