Embarking on a rare mental journey

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F.S teachings takes the seeker embarking on a rare mental journey. If seeker wants to find and realize the truth, he has to descend into the depth of inquiry and reasoning.
There is nothing to strive physically for, but mental effort through inquiry, reasoning and grasping is needed.

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Grasping? That is the mental equivalent of clinging. Inquiry yes, reasoning/grasping no. It is as though you recommend your teachings to be believed and clung to. This is a false sort of teaching, I'm sorry to say.


Omkaradatta | Tue, 07/15/2008 - 17:43
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I agree

Reasoning, grasping, effort and intellectual inquiry (I don't think he is referring by the term inquiry to Ramana's inquiry) are great tools.

They are great tools for strenghtening the mind, for distancing from the essence, for abiding in duality.

Also the resistance to form and duality only ground you in them. This is not the way.

The way is acceptance and observation of what is including my being currently in dualism with no resistance and no desires to be somewhere else (enlightenment, non-dualism etc.) - this is the big paradox of spirituality that so many fall in but this is also the beauty of the art of being spiritual...

solo | Wed, 07/16/2008 - 07:24